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Todd Michael Hall (vocals)
Jack Starr (guitar)
Ned Meloni (bass)
Kevin Earl (drums)
Produced by: Bart Gabriel
Engineered by: Kevin Burnes
Mixed by : Kevin Burnes
Mastered by: Patrick W. Engel
2017 release. Jack Starr is one of the unsung heroes of heavy metal. Born in Paris, he learned to play guitar by ear, copying the riffs of traditional rhythm & blues records. His first semi-professional band was called Starr System, where he was joined by two future Trust members, drummer Jeannot and Petit Pois (of Les Variations). In America, Starr emerged on the rock and metal scene in 1981, forming the first incarnation of Virgin Steele, along with vocalist David DeFeis. He played on Virgin Steele (1982) as well as Guardians Of The Flame (1983), which many old time fans still consider to be the best Virgin Steele albums ever. In 1985, the guitarist founded his own band Jack Starr's Burning Starr and issued his first solo album entitled Rock The American Way. Over the coming decades, Starr participated in various projects like Devil Childe, Phantom Lord, Thrasher and Strider. Stand Your Ground is the name of his seventh solo album, issued by High Roller Records. "It's an old school type metal album with modern production and great songs," comments Jack Starr on Stand Your Ground. "In my opinion, it is one of the best metal albums in the last twenty years. I think that if we could go back in a time machine and put out this album in 1988, it would sell millions of copies but even though it is 2017, I think it will still do very well."
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