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EMPTY TREMOR "The Alien Inside"

European Import : Frontiers Records - FRCD178

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Oliver Hartmann (vocals)
Dennis Randi (bass)
Christian Tombetti (guitar)
Marco Guerrini (guitar)
Stefano Ruzzi (drums)
Daniele Liverani (keyboards)
Produced by: Empty Tremor
Engineered by: Gabriele Ravaglia
Mixed by : Gabriele Ravaglia
Mastered by: Gabriele Ravaglia
Empty Tremor story begins in 1994 in Italy. At first the band was called "Noise Pollution" and all the musicians were in their teenies, jamming songs from Metallica, Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Dream Theater. In early 95 the band changed their name to "EMPTY TREMOR" introducing keyboards maestro Daniele Liverani in the lineup and replacing original singer Davide De Paoli with Matteo Babini. At the end of summer Liverani led the young band to the first demo tape: the first version of "Apocolokyntosys" which was released with great success among the Italian prog metal fans. Unfortunately this brought no record deal as hoped, so the band worked again on the "Apocolokyntosys" project, changing again their singer with Matteo Babini leaving the band and Giovanni De Luigi joining. The 2nd version of "Apocolokyntosys" was self produced by the band itself and finally some labels contacted the band. The deal was signed in August 96 with Pick Up Records for Italy and in early 97 with Rising Sun Records (Germany) for Europe and also with Fandango Records in Japan. The result was the Official Release Of "Apocolokyntosys". Empty Tremor debut album received great reviews and soon a fan base was built all around the world. The band was described as "the new generation of prog-metal" and they were compared to prog gods like DREAM THEATER, SHADOW GALLERY, LEMUR VOICE and SUPERIOR to name a few. The band also did some live appearances in Italy in support of the album's release. The band continued to compose great music during 1998 and in 1999 Empty Tremor released another great album entitled "EROS & THANATOS". Unfortunately, soon after Giovanni De Luigi left the band in Autumn 2001 leaving the band without a singer once again. The new recording deal for Empty Tremor with the Italian leading hard rock label Frontiers Records came at the end of 2001 and gave the band a great new energy to complete a great new album. Empty Tremor composed new explosive material working on the new album 'The Alien Inside' and searching for the right new singer. After Daniele Liverani's collaboration with singer Oliver Hartmann (former At Vance) on the song 'There's a Human' for his rock opera "Genius", Liverani offered Oliver to enter the band and sing on the new album. After a test period, Oliver Hartmann accepted the offer and finally Empty Tremor found an impressive and extremely talented lead singer for their new album. Oliver vocal performance gave the new songs an incredible power and expressivity... making Empty Tremor sound stronger and more bombastic than ever. The new killer album "The Alien Inside" is going to bring Empty Tremor in the big stars league of prog metal masters !
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