GREEN "Life"

European Import : FRCD151

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Fabrizio Pieraccini (guitar, vocals)
Guido Melis (bass, background vocals)
Giovanni Fanfani (keyboards, background vocals)
Michele Fanfani (drums)
Produced by: Fabrizio Pieraccini
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Some musicians sing lightly of love and life… GREEN is a band that gives the subject serious thought. On their debut concept album “Life”, Green combines strong personal experiences with an uncanny sense of song, in order to create a brazen sound with sensuous melodies
reminiscent of their true influences: Rush, Giant and Pink Floyd. Along the way, the band makes profound statements about the spiritual underpinnings of love, human condition and redemption in a man’s “Life”. Mr. Kite is the imaginary character of this journey through life and love. He’s constantly living a contrast between his interior world and the reality surrounding him. “Life” describes his flight through calm or sometimes stormy skies on his quest for the wind of love: seeking something worth living for. ”We like to sing about the highs and lows: the central experiences most people go through in their daily life as reflected in Mr. Kite’s adventures”, says drummer Michele Fanfani. “We're very spiritual, so there's a lot of hope in our music", adds singer and guitar maestro Fabrizio Pieraccini. Beginning with the ethereal landscape portrayed in the instrumental opener "The Wind Of Love", Green wastes no time defining their musical boundaries: airy melodies, masterful arrangements (finely wrought by keyboardist extraordinaire Giovanni Fanfani and Pieraccini’s guitarwork), pulsating rhythms (courtesy of drummer Michele Fanfani and bass player Guido Melis), sharp lyrics and Fabrizio Pieraccini’s expressive vocals.
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