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GUN - Favourite Pleasures

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Dante Gizzi (vocals)
Giuliano Gizzi (guitar)
Paul McManus (drums)
Andy Carr (bass)
Tommy Gentry (guitar)
Simon Bloor (keyboards)
Produced by: Simon Bloor
Engineered by: Cameron Gower Pooler, Simon Bloor
Mixed by : Cameron Gower Poole
Mastered by: tbd
Scottish rock band GUN who are celebrating 30yrs in the industry. They first crashed on to the music scene in 1987 then releasing there debut album “Taking on the World ” in 1989, followed by classic albums such as fan fave ” Gallus”(1992) then „Swagger“ (1994) many more albums were released over the years as well as many band member changes, let’s fast forward to the present. With ‘Favourite Pleasures’, Gun have gone and done it again: produced a rich and diverse album. It has a rawness that suggests most of it was recorded, if not jammed out, in the studio. It is the sound of 5 musicians indulging in their favourite pleasure, and that is producing rock ‘n’ roll…and this album no doubt will live up to its title for many fans.
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