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HALFORD - Made Of Metal

US Release : MTLG8077192

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Bobby Jarzombek (drums)
Mike Chlasciak (guitar)
Mike Davis (bass)
Rob Halford (vocals)
Roy Z (guitar)
Produced by: Roy Z
Engineered by: Roy Z
Mixed by : Peter Martinez
Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum
On Halford IV: Made of Metal, the metal god and company once again unleash an album of classic, New Wave of British Heavy Metal-influenced goodness for metal fans to devour. Kicking off with the galloping aggression of “Undisputed,” Made of Metal quickly establishes itself as an album that’s not satisfied with being merely driving, but aims to be empowering. Once again, Rob Halford shows that sometimes the old ways are the best ways with an album of what is essentially heavy metal comfort food, a biting sonic reminder of the glory days of the NWOBHM movement that takes that classic sound and adds enough new ingredients to make it feel fresh.
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