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HOPE - All My Days

European Import : ESM181

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Henrik Thomsen (vocals, bass)
Mats Johanson (guitar)
Imre Daun (drums, vocals)
Produced by: Hope
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Martin Kronlund
Mastered by: Martin Kronlund
Hope are a an exciting new Swedish band with members who have a strong pedigree in the rock music industry, and lead vocalist Henrik Thomsen has kept his best songs till now! Thomsen is the principal songwriter of the band and he certainly knows how to pen a song with plenty of melody. The structure is what you would expect from a Swedish rock band with a background such as theirs, and the sound just flows effortlessly. Strangely, in places they have a leaning towards early Bryan Adams (Reckless period) which is no bad thing and the addition of respected musician Jim Jidhead (solo, Alien) in the songwriting department especially makes “Bring down the Stars” a song to remember.
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