MOTLEY CRUE - Saints Of Los Angeles

US Release : EVSV242

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Vince Neil (vocals)
Nikki Sixx (guitar)
Mick Mars (bass)
Tommy Lee (drums)
Produced by: James Michael
Engineered by: James Michael
Mixed by : James Michael
Mastered by: Dave Donnely
Saints of Los Angeles is the first record to feature the group's original lineup since Feelgood, and it's a welcome return. The Crue is at its' best when it mines the manic, punk-infused glam metal of the pre-saturated, mid-80's Sunset Strip, something it gets right on opening cut "Face Down in the Dirt". Motley Crue has been trumpeting their hedonism for so long and so loudly that it's become more of a caricature than a way of life, and while Saints of Los Angeles is the best thing they've laid to tape since their codpiece heydays, it's more of a walk down memory lane/sunset strip than a legitimate call to arms.
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