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STREAMLINE - Streamline

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Gabriel Lindmark (vocals)
Efraim Larsson (drums)
Mikael Planefeldt (bass)
Niklas Arkbro (keys)
Jhonny Göransson (guitar)
Olle Lindahl (guitar)
Produced by: Streamline
Engineered by: Streamline, Kane Bennett
Mixed by : Victor Olsson
Mastered by: Dragan Tanaskovi
Diamond Dawn was an awesome Swedish AOR act that sadly disbanded after their debut CD five years ago. Most members are now back with STREAMLINE (exept singer Alexander Strandell, which startet ART NATION). In fact, Streamline are Diamond Dawn with new singer Gabriel Lindmark (from Swedish hotshots WILDNESS), the rest of personnel is the same. Musically Streamline has a Melodic Rock approach with a Classic hard rock flavor. Think modern day Europe, The Night Flight Orchestra, Lucifer's Friend, Black Star Riders and some early '80s Whitesnake. Their debut offers a perfectly blend of Melodic Rock with Classic Rock and the result is timeless, so get a copy asap !
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