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WILD ROSE - Half Past Midnight

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George Bitzios (vocals)
Andy Rock (guitar, backing vocals)
Dirty Haris (keyboards, backing vocals)
John Bitzios (guitar, backing vocals)
Panos Barkoutsos (bass)
Vagelis Domanos (drums)
Dimos Thomaidis (drums)

Produced by: Andy Rock
Engineered by: Andy Rock
Mixed by : Andy Rock
Mastered by: tbd
Wild Rose has been rockin' for over a decade. The original idea was sprung in 2004 by Andy Rock. A lot of soul-searching was required initially, as it was essential to find a suitable line up to harness the stylish and polished mellow sound of a quality A.O.R. band. Finally, after two years and several line up changes Wild Rose settled on the line up today, introduced to an unsuspecting public back in 2006, with quality songs composed by Andy Rock. 2007 Wild Rose released their first promo single CD entitled "It's All About Love" which contained the hard hitting title track and "Too Late", tracks that rapidly became accepted and loved by the A.O.R. audience. During the same period Wild Rose were picked up as support on Talisman's Farewell Tour in Hellas. Wild Rose returned in mid 2009 and recorded a 10 track demo CD with tracks written by Andy Rock and Dirty Haris. These songs matured through the rehearsal process and ended up in professionally recorded versions on the band's debut album "Half Past Midnight" which was finally released on 10 October 2011 on the "Retrospect Records" label and received great results in the A.O.R. specialized press. The band also performed two successful live shows in Athens and Thessaloniki to support "Half Past Midnight" and also participated in "Rosewood Festival" and received a great response and applause from the Hellenic audience. December 2011 and "Half Past Midnight" hits the Best Debut Release / Newcomer of 2011 on Heavy Paradise. Later on 2012, the band has worked on new songs and recorded their second album "Dangerous" which was released on 22 February 2013 on the "AOR Heaven" label. Wild Rose "Dangerous" receives rave reviews worldwide from the press and in June 2013 hits No.1 on import sales in Japan (BURRN Magazine). March 2014 and Wild Rose sign with "AOR Blvd Records" and are celebrating their Ten Years Of Existence with the release of their third album "Hit 'N' Run" along with a tour to support it.
"Wild Rose - 4" has been recorded at EVO Studios, Evosmos, Hellas except drums recorded at Stone House Studio, Evosmos, Hellas between May 2015 and August 2015. "4" was mixed by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground, Vasteras, Sweden and mastered by Dan Backman and Produced by Andy Rock and co-Produced by Wild Rose. May 2017 and Wild Rose signed with Lions Pride Music for the re-issue of their critically aclaimed by the press Best Debut Release of 2011 "Half Past Midnight"; while it hit Sold Out in Retrospect Records and the CEO entitled them as one of the Top Sellers ever in Retrospects vast catalog! "Half Past Midngiht" has been re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered and will be released including two bonus tracks. A complete gem which must not be missed by any rock music collection! And the Wild Rose story keeps on rocking'…
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