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  A Life Divided - Passenger   AFMD3162
  A Perfect Day - A Perfect Day   FRCD577
  A.C.T. - Circus Pandemonium   AORH1998A
  A.C.T. - Silence   INOM79262
  AC DC - Live At Donington DVD   SYMV56963
  Acacia Avenue - Acacia Avenue   LMC278
  Acacia Avenue - Cold   AORH00098
  Accept - Blind Rage   NBA31952
  Accept - Blind Rage Deluxe Edition   NBA31950
  Achard, Cyril - Violencia   LMC281
  Achard, Cyril Trio - Trace CD + DVD   LMC224
  Adagio - Dominate   LCO266
  Adam Bomb - Boneyard   ZR1997108
  Adams, Bryan - The Best Of Me   0694933092
  Addiction For Destruction - Neon Light Resurrection   PERR4232
  Adrenalin - Road Of The Gypsy   YR5340094
  Adrenaline Mob - Men Of Honor   CEN9077
  Adrenaline Rush - Adrenaline Rush   FRCD654
  Adrian Dodz - Adrian Dodz   YR4365
  Adriangale - Crunch   KR004
  Adriangale - Defiance   KR053
  Adriangale - Sucker Punch   KR048
  Aerosmith - Honkin On Bobo   SNY87025
  Affair - No Substitute   0681-58
  After Forever - After Forever   AORH104
  After Hours - Against The Grain   AORH681A
  Afterdreams - Wildfire   ZR1997170
  Age Of Nemesis - Terra Incognita   MGG9088
  Airborne - Airborne   Candy204
  Airbourne - Black Dog Barking   RRD176722
  Airey, Don - A Light In The Sky   AORH804
  Airkraft - In The Red   AORH1118
  Airless - Fight   LMC251
  Airrace - Back To The Start   FRCD519
  Airrace - Shaft Of Light   Candy061
  Airtime - Liberty Manifesto   ESM162
  Alfonzetti - Here Comes The Night   AORH00067
  Alias Eye - A Different Point Of You   NTHEN5011
  Alibi - Voice Of Reason   ZR1997134
  Alien - Eternity   AORH00094A
  Alien - Shiftin Gear   AORH1810A
  Alkemyst - Through Painful Lanes   NR402
  Allen Lande - The Great Divide   FRCD660
  Allen Lande - The Showdown   FRCD485
  Allen, Lynn - And The Horse You Rode In On   ESM163
  Allen, Russell - Atomic Soul   AORH1688
  Almah - Fragile Equality   BISR17
  Almighty, The - Blood Fire Love And Live   AORH1933
  Alpha Tiger - Identity   STMH268192
  Altaria - Unholy   ESM193
  Alyson Avenue - Changes   AOA031
  Alyson Avenue - Presence Of Mind   NL10076
  Amaze Me - Guilty As Sin   AORH00081
  Ambrosia - One Eighty   Candy239
  Ambrosia - Road Island   Candy240
  American Bang - American Bang   RPRW347324
  American Dog - Six Pack   FRCD562
  American Mafia - Rock N Roll Hit Machine   AORH3180
  Ammunition - Shanghaied   AORH00109
  Amoral - Show Your Colors   AORH1795
  Amsterdam - Amsterdam   MM00023
  Amsterdam - B.U.R.S.T.   MM00061
  Amsterdam - Mistaken   MM00051
  Anarion - Unbroken   MAJCD074
  Ancara - Beyond The Dark   AORH811
  Ancara - Chasing Shadows   AORH1956
  Anderson, Andre - Black On Black   FRCD114
  Anderson, Jon - Olias Of Sunhillow   WOU8180
  Andersson Mills Project, The - Crank It Up   ZR1997121
  Andersson, Daniel - Days In L.A.   ZMCD002
  Andersson, Richard - The Ultimate Andersson Collection   AORH270
  Angel - Angel   Candy153
  Angel - Angel & Helluva Band   BG0716
  Angel - Helluva Band   Candy154
  Angel - On Earth As It Is In Heaven   Candy155
  Angel - Sinful   BGO6121088
  Angel City - Face To Face   Candy111
  Angel House - The Love The Gun And The Cross   ESM200
  Angel King - World Of Pain   YR201227
  Angel Of Eden - The End Of Never   LMC221
  Angelica - Thrive   FRCD627
  Angeline - Confessions   AOA017
  Angeline - Disconnected   AOA036
  Angels Of Babylon - Kingdom Of Evil   AORH1985
  Angels Or Kings - Kings Of Nowhere   AORH00105
  Angra - Aurora Consurgens   STMH97972
  Answer, The - Everyday Demons Ltd Ed   AORH1473
  Answer, The - Never Too Late   EDRE119
  Answer, The - New Horizon   NPLM1661
  Answer, The - New Horizon Ltd Ed   NPLM1662
  Answer, The - Raise A Little Hell Ltd Ed   NPLM10053
  Antblad, Chris - A New Dawn   AORH1061
  Anthriel - The Pathway   LMC291
  Anthropia - The Ereyn Chronicles Part 1 The Journey   MGG9087
  Anubis Gate - Horizons   NITM577
  Anvil - Hope In Hell Ltd Ed   EDRE3102
  Anvil - Juggernaut Of Justice   EDRE197
  Any Day Now - Millennium   199680
  AOR - Dreaming Of LA   YR201237
  AOR - LA Ambition The Best Of   ESM212
  AOR - LA Attraction   0681-153
  AOR - LA Connection   ESM266
  AOR - LA Reflection   YR201236
  AOR - LA Temptation   AORH1430A
  AOR - Return To LA   NEH116
  AOR - The Secrets of LA   AORH00090
  Apetrea, Coste - Rites Of Passage   LMC167
  Apetrea, Coste - Surprisingly Heavy   LMC250
  Appearance Of Nothing - All Gods Are Gone   ESM220
  Appearance Of Nothing - Wasted Time   ESM174
  Appice, Carmine - Guitar Zeus : Conquering Heroes   FUE061783
  Appice, Carmine Project - Ultimate Guitar Zeus   NWMS55
  April Wine - Roughly Speaking   AWIN22208
  Arabesque - The Union   LMC2216
  Arabia - Welcome To The Freakshow   ZR1997148
  Arc Angel - Harlequins Of Love   FRCD615
  Arch Enemy - Black Earth   RGAR1001
  Archer, Reuben - Reuben Archers Personal Sin   CAR002
  Arena - Peppers Ghost   AORH361
  Arena Sweden - Arena Sweden   RTCD001
  Argent - Greatest: The Singles Collection   VARF066880
  Aries - Crash And Burn   ESM066
  Armored Saint - Delirious Nomad   Candy115
  Armored Saint - La Raza   AORH69
  Armored Saint - March Of The Saint   Candy016
  Arrows, The - Stand Back   YR5335079
  Arrows, The - The Lines Are Open   YR201340
  Ashent - Deconstructive   LMC258
  Ashent - Flaws Of Elation   LMC338
  Ashent - Inheritance   LMC331
  Ashes To Ashes - Darker Side   ESM062
  Asia - Fantasia Live In Tokyo   EGLR20115
  Asia - Fantasia Live In Tokyo DVD   EGVS30226DVD
  Asia - Gravitas   FRCD643
  Asia - Gravitas - CD+DVD   FRCDVD643
  Asia - High Voltage Live CD+DVD   FRCDVD658
  Asia - Omega   FRCD455
  Asia - Phoenix   FRCD370
  Asia - Phoenix Ltd Ed   FRCD370L
  Asia - Resonance   FRCDVD580
  Asia - Scandinavia   AORH87
  Asia - Spirit Of The Night   FRCD481
  Asia - Spirit Of The Night CD + DVD   FRCDVD481
  Asia - Spirit Of The Night DVD   FRDVD027
  Asia - XXX   FRCD560
  Asia - XXX CD+DVD   FRCDVD560
  Asian Typhoon - Wings   NR372
  Aspera - Ripples   AORH39A
  Asphalt Valentine - Strip Rock Roll   MM1011
  Assailant - Wicked Dream   LCO626
  Astra - From Within   LMC257
  Astral Doors - Astralism   AORH226
  Astral Doors - Jerusalem   AORH917
  Astral Doors - Notes From The Shadows   AORH3096
  Astral Doors - Of The Son And The Father   MTLV
  Astral Doors - Raiders Of The Arc   AORH814
  Astral Doors - Requiem Of Time Ltd Ed   AORH1986
  Astral Doors - Testament Of Rock   AORH490
  At Vance - Chained   LCO530
  At Vance - Facing Your Enemy   AORH1172
  At Vance - Ride The Sky   AORH1865
  At Vance - VII   LCO499
  At Vance - VII Ltd Ed   AORH256
  Auras - New Generation   FRCD454
  Autograph - Loud And Clear   Candy015
  Autograph - Sign In Please   Candy043
  Autograph - Thats The Stuff   Candy063
  Autograph - The Anthology   CLE7056
  Avalon - Angels Of The Apocalypse   FRCD645
  Avalon, Timo Tolkki's - The Land Of New Hope   FRCD600
  Avalon, Timo Tolkki's - The Land Of New Hope Del Ed   FRCDVD600
  Avantasia - Angel Of Babylon   NBA12478
  Avantasia - The Flying Opera Box Set   AORH631
  Avantasia - Wicked Symphony   NBA12351B
  Avian - Ashes And Madness   NR452
  Aviary - Aviary   Candy190
  Awake - Forever More   LMC311
  Awake - Illumination   LMC209
  Axe - Axeology 1979-2001   CLE7377
  Axe - Live 2012 CD+DVD   NEH096
  Axe - The Crown   0681-24
  Axe - Twenty Years From Home Vol 1   199633
  Axe - Twenty Years From Home Vol 2   199672
  Axe - V   199617
  Axehammer - Marching On   AORH1424
  Axenstar - Where Dreams Are Forgotten   IWRR83039
  Axia - Axia   0681-93
  Axton - Bad Desire   HOS0811
  Ayreon - Human Equation   AORH204
  Azoria - Seasons Of Change   LRCD016
  Azraels Bane - Wings Of Innocence   CR0008


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