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  Babylon AD - Live XXV   PERR5072
  Babylon AD - Revelation Highway   FRCD825
  Babys, The - Head First   Candy053
  Babys, The - I'll Have Some Of That   SGMC10044
  Babys, The - On The Edge   Candy055
  Babys, The - Union Jacks   Candy054
  Bach, Sebastian - Abachalypse Now   FRDVD032
  Bachman - Heavy Blues   LIU270204
  Backdraft - The Second Coming   GMRCD9008
  Backwood Spirit - Backwood Spirit   PJM10520
  Bad Boy - Back To Back   Candy312
  Bad Boy - The Band That Milwaukee Made Famous   Candy311
  Bad Company - Hard Rock Live Blu-Ray DVD + CD   IMG6326BR
  Bad English - Bad English   Candy320
  Bad Machine - Motorfreakout   LCO310
  Bad Radiator - Demons   AORH3467
  Bad Radiator - Shanghai   AORH3057
  Badge - If It Hurts It Must Be Good   PRCD010
  Badlands - Dusk remastered version   ZR199724R
  Bai Bang - Rock Of Life   AORH00148
  Bailey - Long Way Down   FRCD671
  Baker, Seans Orchestra - Bakers Dozen   LMC264
  Balance - Balance   Candy066
  Balance - In For The Count   Candy024
  Banshee - Race Against Time + Cry In The Night   DIVE115
  Barnes, Jimmy - 30:30 Hindsight   AORH3120
  Barnhouse, Brian - Sign Of Life   AORH4216
  Bart, Brian - Always Busy   MM00001
  Barth, Bobby - Two Hearts One Beat   WOU502
  Bassinvaders - Hellbassinvaders   FRCD360
  Bastardz - Jungle Outlaws   NR037
  Batio, Michael Angelo - Shred Force 1   RPR016
  Bay, Chris - Chasing The Sun   AORH4131
  Bayda, Christopher - We Wish You A Rockin' Christmas   NEH110
  Bayman, Dion - Afterburn   AORH3182
  Bayman, Dion - Don't Look Down   NEH128
  Beasto Blanco - Beasto Blanco   RPR021
  Beasto Blanco - Live Fast Die Loud   RPR007
  Beauvoir, Jean - Rock Masterpieces Vol. 1   AORH00168
  Beck, Robin - Love Is Coming   FRCD818
  Beggar's Bride - Boulevard Of Broken Hearts   0681-171
  Bell, Eric - Exile   OTE021
  Bellas, George - Planetary Alignment   LMC226
  Bellas, George - Step Into The Future   LMC255
  Bellas, George - The Dawn Of Time   LMC289
  Benatar, Pat - Best Of Vol 1   CSM30301
  Benatar, Pat - Best Of Vol 2   CSM30129
  Benedictum - Obey   FRCD626
  Berell, Sammy - Passion Dreams   AORH3857
  Berggren Kerslake Band - The Sun Has Gone Hazy   AORH00092
  Berggren, Stefan - Stranger In A Strangeland   PJM10315
  Betoken - Venom Empire   HOS0914
  Betsy - Betsy   DIVE092
  Betts, Dickie Band - Lets Get Together   FREF7017
  Big Guns - On Dangerous Ground + Stick Em Up   NEH135
  Bigfoot - Bigfoot   FRCD816
  Bigkrush - Again   AORH670
  Billion Dollar Babies - Chemical God   MTLV95
  Billy Satellite - Billy Satellite   Candy047
  B-Joe - Good Time For Losers   NL10079
  Black Aces - Anywhere But Here   OYR048
  Black Country Communion - BCCIV   JRAD58249
  Black Diamonds - Once Upon A Time   AORH00147
  Black Majesty - Cross Of Thrones   PJM10018
  Black Paisley - Late Bloomer   Paisley001
  Black Robot - Black Robot   AORH1673
  Black Star Riders - Killer Instinct Ltd Ed   NBA3415
  Black Trip - Shadowling   STMH268912
  Blackfoot - Flyin High   Candy150
  Blackfoot - Highway Song Live   WOU910
  Blackfoot - Highway Song Live Euro   Candy185
  Blackfoot - Live   CSM24501
  Blackfoot - Marauder   Candy184
  Blackfoot - Southern Native   LDPD500484
  Blackfoot - Strikes   Candy179
  Blackfoot - Tomcattin   Candy180
  Blackmores Night - All Our Yesterdays   FRCD703
  Blackmores Night - All Our Yesterdays Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD703
  Blackmores Night - Dancer And The Moon   FRCD605
  Blackmores Night - Dancer And The Moon CD+DVD   FRCDVD605
  Blackrain - Released   UDRA64823
  Blasted To Static - Blasted To Static   MPR021
  Blissed - Waking Up The Dead   MM00041
  Blomqvist, Henrik And Friends - All Of Your Illusions   AORH3151
  Blood Red Saints - Love Hate Conspiracies   AORH00161
  Blood Red Saints - Speedway   FRCD712
  Bloodbound - One Night Of Blood   AFMD5637
  Bloodbound - Stormborn Ltd Ed   AFMD4979
  Bloodbound - War Of Dragons Ltd Ed   AFMS602D
  Bloodgood - Rock In A Hard Place   RTCV1406
  Bloody Heels - Through Mystery   AORH3956
  Blue Murder - Blue Murder   Candy181
  Bodragaz - Clear   NEH037
  Bodragaz - Solid Sound   NEH036
  Bodragaz - Somewhere In Switzerland   NEH029
  Bogaert, Jane - The Fifth Dimension   NL10090
  Boldman, Lloyd - Sleep Without Dreams   RRCD1458
  Bolton, Michael - Everybodys Crazy   Candy033
  Bolton, Ron Band - Ron Bolton Band   AOA005
  Bon Jovi - Cross Road   POLY526013
  Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day   UMGB000537102
  Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet   POLY538089
  Bon Jovi, A Tribute To - Always   NL10027
  Bon Jovi, John - Blaze Of Glory   POLY846473
  Boneyard Dog - Bluesbound Train   AORH00141
  Bonfire - Cry For Help EP   YR201229
  Bonfire - Let Me Be Your Water   NL800048
  Bonfire - Temple Of Lies Ltd Ed   AFMD665D
  Bonnet, Graham - The Book   FRCD759
  Bonnet, Graham Band - Live Here Comes The Night BluRay   FRBR804
  Bonnet, Graham Band - Live Here Comes The Night Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD804
  Bonnet, Graham Band - Meanwhile Back In The Garage Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD874
  Book Of Reflections - Book Of Reflections   LMC106
  Book Of Reflections - Chapter II, Unfold The Future   LMC190
  Bormann, Michael - Capture The Moment   MB002
  Bormann, Michael - Closer   MB007
  Bormann, Michael - Michael Bormann   MB003
  Boston - Boston   SNY86322
  Boston - Life, Love & Hope   FRCD630
  Boulevard - Live From Gastown DVD   RTP005V
  Boulevard - Luminescence   MRR065
  Box, Edward - Moonfudge   LMC184
  Bradley - The Rain   RS08130
  Brainstorm - Firesoul   AFMD4682
  Brainstorm - Firesoul Ltd Ed   AFMD4689
  Brainstorm - Scary Creatures Ltd Ed   AFMD5369
  Brankovic, Srdjam - Expedition Delta II   PERR5332
  Brave New World - Monsters   LMC158
  Breaking Point - Beautiful Disorder   AORH1810
  Brewer, Kyf - Me And My Big Mouth   RS09247
  Brewer, Kyf - Salvador Deli   RS09248
  Brice, Collie - Chameleon   55004
  Bridge To Mars - Bridge To Mars   PJM10162
  Briley, Martin - It Comes In Waves   0681-177
  Brown, Danny Joe - Danny Joe Brown Band   Candy034
  Brown, Jeff - 23 Years   MLM251164
  Brunorock - Interaction   0681-130
  Buckcherry - Rock N Roll   FBOM900234
  Bugsy - Center Of Attraction   DIVE161
  Bugsy - Shes The One   DIVE162
  Bugzy - Plan B Ltd Ed   DIVE144
  Bullet - Dust to Gold   SMHE269932
  Bullet Storm Of Blades   AORH3118
  BulletBoys - Bulletboys   Candy203
  Bulletboys - From Out Of The Skys   FRCD854
  Bulletrain - Start Talking   AORH00106
  Bulletrain - What You Fear Most   AORH00138
  Bullseye - On Target   Candy313
  Burn - Ice Age   MRR072
  Burning Point - The Blaze   AORH3755
  Burning Tree - Burning Tree   Candy086
  Bush, Stan - Stan Bush   Candy103
  Bush, Stan And Barrage - Stan Bush And Barrage   Candy104
  Butcher, Jon Axis - Jon Axis Butcher   ESM312
  Butcher, Jon Axis - Stare At The Sun   ESM319


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