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  C.O.P. - State Of Rock   AORH00120
  Cactus - Black Dawn   SBVD7898
  Cactus - Ot N Sweaty   WOU701
  Caffery, Chris - Your Heaven Is Real   MTLV83
  Cain's Offering - Stormcrow   FRCD688
  California Breed - California Breed   FRCD646
  California Breed - California Breed Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD646
  Camp, Jeremy - Restored   AORH228
  Cancrena - Hidden Depravity   PERR4562
  Candlemass - King Of The Grey Islands   NBA11818B
  Candy - Whatever Happened To Fun   Candy120
  Captain Black Beard - Its A Mouthfull   PERR5222
  Captain Black Beard - Struck By Lightning   MRR078
  Carlsson, Patrick - Melodic Travel   LMC192
  Carlsson, Patrik - Phraseology   LMC107
  Carmen, Eric - Eric Carmen   VAR067406
  Carsten Shulz Syndicate - The Day The Earth Stopped Turning   AORH3487
  Cats In Boots - Kicked And Klawed   Candy048
  Cats In Space - Cats Alive   IMT4431108
  Cats In Space - Scarecrow   AORH3987
  Cats In Space - Too Many Gods   HF06
  Cavo - Bridges   MRIA6079
  Champlin Williams Friestedt - CWF   AORH00121
  Change Of Heart - Last Tiger   ESM294
  Channel - Channel   Candy050
  Chaos Magic - Chaos Magic   FRCD696
  Charlie - Elysium   AORH3495
  Charlie - Good Morning America   Candy211
  Charm City Devils - Battles   EDRE60350
  Charming Grace - Charming Grace   AOA050
  Chase The Ace - Are You Ready   ZR1997171
  Chase The Ace - Hell Yeah   OYR025
  Chasing Magic - Chasing Magic   KR045
  Chasing Violets - Outside Heaven   PERR4132
  Chastain - For Those Who Dare   DIVE015
  Cheap Trick - Bang Zoom Crazy Hello   BMCHBMRCT0100A
  Cherry Lips - Cherry Lips   PERR2222
  Chevy - The Taker   Candy182
  Chicago - Now   FRCD652
  Child, Desmond And Rouge - Runners In The Night   Candy038
  China Sky - China Sky II   ESM272
  Chinawhite - Breathe Fire   RC0007
  Christian, James - Craving   FRCD856
  Cinderella - Long Cold Winter   POLY834612
  Circa - Valley Of The Windmill   FRCD741
  Circle Of Pain - Paradox Of Destitution   1704-5
  Circus Maximus - Havoc Deluxe Edition   FRCD724S
  Circus Maximus - Havoc In Oslo Deluxe Edition   FRCDBR781
  Circus Of Power - Circus Of Power   Candy057
  Circus Of Power - Four   NEH134
  Circus Of Power - Vices   Candy085
  City Of Thieves - Beast Reality   FRCD853
  Clark Kent - Reloaded Ltd Ed   YR2151
  Clarke, Gilby - Swag   SPIT5183
  Climb - Back In Action   AORH3798
  Cloudscape - Crimson Skies   NR015
  Cloudscape - Voice Of Reason   DEEX10
  Cloven Hoof - Who Mourns For The Morngin Star   AORH3913
  Coastland Ride - Coastland Ride   AOA038
  Coastland Ride - On Top Of The World   AOA037
  Cobra - First Strike   Candy042
  Cochrane, Tom - Take It Home   IMT5010959
  Code Red - Incendiary   AORH00156
  Coenen, Marcel - A Live Time Journey - DVD   LMDVD187
  Coenen, Marcel - Colour Journey   LMC163
  Coenen, Marcel - Guitartalk Ltd Ed   LMC324
  Cold Chisel - The Perfect Crime   AORH3438
  Coldspell - A New World Arise   ESM308
  Coldspell - Frozen Paradise   ESM258
  Cole, Bryan - Sands Of time   MRR053
  Colour Of Noise - Colour Of Noise   AORH3498
  Communic - Where Echoes Gather   AFMD637
  Condition Red - Condition Red   LMC2003
  Condition Red - II   LMC077
  Coney Hatch - 4   FRCD619
  Coney Hatch - Coney Hatch   Candy005
  Coney Hatch - Friction   Candy272
  Coney Hatch - Outa Hand   Candy010
  Confess - Jail   PERR4992
  Consortium Project - 2 Continuum In Extremis   LMC316
  Consortium Project - 3 Terra Ingonita   LMC318
  Consortium Project - IV Children Of Tomorrow   LMC320
  Consortium Project 1 - Criminals And Kings   LMC314
  Consortium Project IV - Children Of Tomorrow   AORH327
  Consortium Project V - Species   LMC305
  Contagious - Red White & Slightly Blue   ZR199738
  Cooley, Rusty - Rusty Cooley   LMC243
  Corabi, John - Live '94   RPR603088
  Coreleoni - The Greatest Hits Part 1   FRCD844
  Corley, Chris - Someone 2 Love   55031
  Corvus - Chasing Miracles   AORH3345
  Cosmics - The Cosmic Year   LMC233
  Coven, Randy - Witch Way   LMC2233
  Crazy Lixx - Ruff Justice   FRCD787
  Crazy Lixx - Sound Of The Live Minority   FRCD745
  Creed - Creed   Candy330
  Creye - Creye   FRCD879
  Crimson Moonlight - Veil Of Remembrance   RRCD022
  Crossbones - Rock The Cradle   FRCD765
  Crosson - Invincible   MPR046
  Crosson - Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease   MPR019
  Crossrock - Come On Baby   PP0004
  Cruzh - Cruzh   FRCD747
  Cry Holy - Alienation   MM05557
  Cry Of Dawn - Cry Of Dawn   FRCD750
  Crying Steel - Stay Steel   PJM11336
  Crying Steel - Time Stands Steel   PERR4642
  Crylord - Blood Of The Prophets   LMC310
  Crystal Ball - Crystallizer   MSR1009
  Crystal Ball - Hellvetia   MPR051
  Crystal Ball - Liferider   AORH3322
  Crystal Eyes - Killer   AORH3097
  Crystal Tears - Decadence Deluxe   PJM11244
  Cult Of The Fox - Angelsbane   PERR4632
  Culver Kingz - This Time   ESM290
  Cyanide 4 - Nekyia   PERR5422
  Cyberiam, The - The Cyberiam   MRR076
  Cynic - Traced In Air   SEM31182B


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