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  Fab Box - Music From The Fab Box   AOA002
  Face Dancer - This World   Candy044
  Fair Warning - Pimp Your Past   STMH271722
  Fair Warning - Talking Aint Enough - DVD   STMH308567DVD
  Fair Warning - The Call Of The East, Live in Japan DVD   FRDVD014
  Falaschi, Edu - Moonlight   PJM10247
  Fallen Silver - Blood In Blue Eyes   HOS0913
  Fandango - Cadillac   Candy064
  Fanfields 2 - A Fans Tribute To Toto   MRR077
  Fareri, Francesco - Forbidden Obsession   LMC147
  Fareri, Francesco - Secrets Within   LMC202
  Fargo - Constellation   AORH_TBD2
  FARO - Angelost   0681-152
  Farther Paint - Lose Control   LMC253
  Faster Pussycat - Faster Pussycat   Candy220
  Fastway - Fastway   Candy129
  Fatal Smile - 21st Century Freaks   FS999
  Fatal Smile - White Trash Heroes   FS667
  Featherstone - Northern Rumble   AORH00134
  Feds, The - A Touch Of Panic   TRB091
  Fenrik Lane - 317   NEH090
  Ferrigno Leal Kuprij - Promised Land   LMC071
  Ferrigno, Marco - Hanging Gardens   LMC182
  Ferry, Bryan - Frantic   VIRG11984
  Ferrymen, The - The Ferrymen   FRCD796
  Fiction Syxx - Tall Dark Secrets   MRR067
  Find Me - Dark Angel   FRCD713
  Fiona - Beyond The Pale   Candy236
  Fiona - Fiona   Candy235
  Fiona - Heart Like A Gun   Candy237
  Fiorletta, Simone - My Secret Diary   LMC211
  Fiorletta, Simone - Parallel Worlds   LMC152
  Fiorletta, Simone - When Reality Is Nothing   LMC266
  Fireblast - Dreams To Life   ZR000206
  Firehouse - Prime Time   NEH101
  Firewind - Immortals   AFMS618
  Firewind - The Premonition Ltd Ed   AORH816
  Firewolfe - We Rule The Night   AORH3124
  First Signal - One Step Over The Line   FRCD738
  Fister, Steve - Dodgin Bullets   NEH057
  Flashback Of Anger - Terminate And Stay Resident   PERR0023
  Flow, The - Inside Out   NEH03
  FM - Atomic Generation   FRCD851
  FM - Futurama   AORH3000
  FM - Heroes And Villains   FRCD684
  FM - Indiscreet   Candy143
  FM - Indiscreet 30   FRCD767
  FM - Tough It Out   Candy144
  Fools Kin - The Blue Machine   VR003
  Fools Moon - Beyond The Sky   AND004
  Force 10 - Force 10   WOU3557
  Force, The - Just The Facts Ma'am   AORH1666
  Ford, Lita - Lita   Candy013
  Ford, Lita - Time Capsule   STMH269840
  Foreigner - The Best Of Foreigner 4 And More   FRCD674
  Forest Field - Angels   RC0004
  Forest Field - Onwards And Upwards   RC0005
  Fortress - Hands In The Till   Candy241
  Frank, Herman - The Devil Rides Out   AFMD5899
  Fraser, Andy - Fine Fine Fine   NL5319641
  Fraze Gang - Fraze Gang   AORH1380
  Free From Sin - Free From Sin   PJM10001
  Freedom Call - Master Of Light   STMH270782
  Freefall - Kingdom Of Rock   FRCD711
  Frehley, Ace - Origins 1   EONE9399
  Frehley, Ace - Space Invader   EONE9397
  Frehley, Ace - Trouble Walkin   Candy217
  Frehleys Comet - Second Sighting   Candy216
  Freight Train - I   RKSH18
  Friedman, Marty - Inferno   PRST101752
  Friedman, Marty - Wall Of Sound   PRST102932
  Frontline - Heroes   AORH00167
  Frontline - State Of Rock   AORH00165
  Furyon - Lost Salvation   DR012


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