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  Gaeleri - Gates Of Rome   AORH3185
  Gaitsch, Bruce - Nova   LMC2219
  Gakis, George - Too Much Aint Never Enough   PERR3862
  Gamma - 1   Candy191
  Gamma - 2   Candy113
  Gamma - 3   Candy178
  Gamma Ray - Empire Of The Undead   EGLR251252
  Gardner, Hirsch - Wasteland For Broken Hearts   0681-62
  Gardner, Hirsh - My Brain Needs A Holiday   ESM307
  Gardner, Janet - Janet Gardner   PAVM6071
  Gaskill, Jerry - Love And Scars   RPR018
  George & G - So Much To Say   AOA026
  George, Robin - Bluesongs   MAJCD023
  George, Robin - Crying Diamonds   MAJCD072
  George, Robin - Dangerous Music II   AORH3295
  George, Robin - Dangerous Music Live 85   MAJCD028
  Georgia Satellites - Georgia Satellites   Candy234
  Ghost Ship - Etched In Stone   NEH106
  Gilbert, Paul - I Can Destroy   PRNH1
  Gillan, Ian - Live In Anaheim   IMRG284123DVD
  Gioeli-Castronovo - Set The World On Fire   FRCD873
  Girl - Sheer Greed   Candy307
  Girl - Wasted Youth   Candy308
  Gods Of Kansas - Ride The Dragon   NRBZ0001
  Godz, The - The Godz   Candy075
  Goodbye Thrill - Keepsakes CD + DVD   KR041
  Goodbye Thrill - Outrageous   KR043
  Goudreau, Barry - Barry Goudreau   Candy076
  Gramm, Lou - Long Hard Look   Candy225
  Grand Design - Viva La Paradise   GMRCD1712
  Grand Prix - Grand Prix + 3   Candy059
  Grand Prix - Samurai   Candy124
  Grand Slam - A New Dawn   AORH00125
  Graveshadow - Nocturnal Resurrection   MLM251165
  Great Lefty - Live Forever Tribute To Tony Iommi   NEH119
  Great White - He Saw It Comin   FRCD771
  Green - Life   FRCD151
  Green - Of Love And Soul   IGRCD002
  Greenskygrey - Walking Blind   RS09244
  Greenslade - Bedside Manners Are Extra   WOU6866
  Greenslade - Greenslade   WOU2698
  Greenslade - Spyglass Guest   WOU8672
  Greenslade - Time And Tide   WOU8682
  Greensleeves - Green Medicine   RRCD025
  Grimm, Steve Band - History Of A Bad Boy   AOA006
  Grimmark - Grimmark   RRCD035
  Gronholm - Eyewitness Of Life   LMC284
  Gronholm - Silent Out Loud   LMC309
  Grontved, Steen - Night Vision Goggles   LMC203
  Guardian - Almost Home   AORH3116
  Guild Of Ages - One   NEH9831
  Guild Of Ages - Rise   ESM321
  Guitar Idol - 2008   LMC248
  Gun - Favourite Pleasures   AORH4023
  Gun - Frantic Deluxe Edition   AORH3261
  Guns N Roses - GNR Lies   DGC24198
  Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits   UMGB000171402
  Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I DVD   UMGB000091809
  Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II DVD   UMGB000092009
  Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Videos DVD   UMGB000091509
  Gus G - Fearless   AFMD0672
  Gypsy Soul - Winners And Losers   ESM310


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