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  Hagar, Sammy - All Night Long   Candy290
  Hagar, Sammy - Sammy Hagar And Friends   FRCD616
  Hagar, Sammy - Sammy Hagar And Friends Ltd Ed   FRCDVD616
  Hagar, Sammy - Street Machine   Candy052
  Hagar, Sammy And Vic Johnson - Lite Roast   MAIL7530
  Hall, Gregory Lynn - Heaven And Earth   AORH00100
  Hammerfall - Built To Last CD+DVD   NPLM10752
  Hammerfall - Chapter V   CDISNBA1375
  Hammerfall - Evolution   NBA3047
  Hammerschmitt - Hammerschmitt   1704-1
  Hangar - Stronger Than Ever   FC55004
  Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps From The Move   Candy233A
  Hansen, Randy - Randy Hansen   Candy187
  Happylife - Sweet Resort   ATZ02040
  Hard - Time Is Waiting For No One   ESM205
  Hard Knox - Psycos R Us   DIVE114
  Hardbone - Bone Hard   AORH3100
  Hardbone - Tailor Made   AORH3767
  Hardline - Human Nature   FRCD755
  Hardreams - Countdown Time   PERR5162
  Harem Scarem - 13   FRCD673
  Harem Scarem - Big Bang Theory   WOU4208
  Harem Scarem - Live At The Phoenix Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD716
  Harem Scarem - Mood Swings II   FRCDVD617
  Harem Scarem - United   FRCD790
  Harlequin - Love Crimes   Candy109
  Harlequin - One False Move   Candy128
  Harlott - Extinction   MTB155122
  Harmony - Theatre Of Redemption   ULRE26
  Harris, Michael - Ego Decimation Profile   LMC222
  Harris, Michael - Tranz-Fused   LMC294
  Hart, Robert - Cries And Whispers + Robert Hart   ESM254
  Hartmann - Handmade Deluxe Edition   PJM10384
  Hartmann - Hands On The Wheel   PJM11251
  Hartmann - Out In The Cold   AOA056
  Hartmann - Shadows And Silhouettes   PJM10353
  Hauteville - Relief Data Incomplete   LMC175
  Head East - Live   Candy164
  Heard It On The Radio - Volume 2   NEH021
  Heart - Fanatic Live At Caesars Colosseum Blu-Ray DVD   FRBR635
  Heart - Fanatic Live At Caesars Colosseum CD+DVD   FRCDVD635
  Heart - Fanatic Live At Caesars Colosseum DVD   FRDVD036
  Heart - Home For The Holidays Blu-Ray DVD   FRBR668
  Heart - Home For The Holidays CD+DVD   FRCDVD668
  Heart - Jupiter's Darling   SVGN1953
  Heart Of Sun - Heart Of Sun   NR030
  Heartwind - Higher And Higher   AORH00166
  Heaven And Earth - Hard To Kill   QVR102
  Heaven And Earth : T Shirt M   NEHT05M
  Heaven And Earth : T Shirt XL   NEHT05XL
  Heavens Edge - Heavens Edge   Candy083
  Heavy Star - Electric Overdrive   PERR5172
  Heavy Tiger - Glitter   WKIN74
  Heel - Evil Days   RRCD033
  Helix - B Sides   PERR5262
  Helix - Back For Another Taste   PERR5312
  Helix - Bastard Of The Blues   PERR4912
  Helix - Half Alive   PERR5292
  Helix - Its A Business Doing Pleasure   PERR5302
  Helix - Live In Buffalo   PERR5272
  Helix - Long Way To Heaven   Candy131
  Helix - No Rest For The Wicked   Candy002
  Helix - Rock It Science   PERR5382
  Helix - Rockin In My Outer Space   PERR5282
  Helix - Smash Hits Unplugged   PERR5242
  Helix - The Early Years   PERR33632
  Helix - Walkin On The Razors Edge   Candy049
  Helix - Wild In The Streets   Candy132
  Hell In The Club - See You On The Dark Side   FRCD813
  Hell In The Club - Shadow Of The Monster   SRRD2922
  Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell Ltd Ed   EDRE3092
  Hellspray - Part Of The Solution   PERR3832
  Hendrix, Jimi Tribute - The Spirit Lives On Vol. 2   LMC111
  Hernando, Tony - Actual Events   LMC256
  Hernando, Tony - III   LMC119
  Hernando, Tony - The Shades Of Truth   LMC2224
  Hersey, Iain Ashley - The Holy Grail   LMC157
  Hevidence - Nobodys Fault   FRCD764
  Hinder - Extreme Behavior   AORH1449
  HitNRun - HitNRun   PP0022
  Hobin Band, Todd - The Early Years Vol 1 & 2   AORH3526
  Hobin, Todd - Keepin The Dream Alive   AORH3525
  Hoekstra's, Joel 13 - Dying To Live   FRCD708
  Hollow Haze - Memories Of An Ancient Time   SRRD28120
  Holm, Morton - Open Up   0681-77
  Holy Rage - Holy Rage   ZR1997143
  Honeymoon Suite - Hands Up   IDLB799990
  Honeymoon Suite - Honeymoon Suite   Candy188
  Honeymoon Suite - Monsters Under The Bed   Candy231
  Honeymoon Suite - Racing After Midnight   Candy215
  Honeymoon Suite - The Big Prize   Candy214
  Hooked - Play What You Feel   PERR026
  Hot, Emir - Sevdah Metal   LMC230
  House Of Lords - Saint Of The Lost Souls   FRCD780
  House Of Shakira - III + Live At Sweden Rock DVD   LMC240
  House Of X - House Of X   ESM269
  Houston - III   LW051
  Howard, Doug - Last Standing Man   0681-26
  Hughes Thrall - Hughes Thrall   Candy018
  Hughes, Glenn - Resonance   FRCD758
  Hughes, Glenn - Resonance Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD758
  Hugo - With You   RRCD007
  Human Zoo - My Own God   AORH3551
  Humbucker - King Of The World   PERR4932
  Hungryheart - Dirty Italian Job   NEH118
  Hungryheart - Hungryheart   NEH121
  Hungryheart - One Ticket To Paradise   NEH120
  Hunt, Mitchell - Give Me A Sign   PP0013
  Hush - Department Of Faith   PP0050
  Hybrid Freak Division - Non Conformative   LMC073
  Hydrogyn - Redemption   MRIA17012
  Hydrogyn - Strip Em Blind Live   NEH056


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