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  Ibridoma - Goodbye Nation   PERR5002
  Iced Earth - Box Of The Wicked   STMH308040
  Icon - Night Of The Crime   Candy003
  Icy Steel - Kronothor   PERR4262
  Idle Tears - Idle Tears   YR201445
  Ignore The Sign - A Line To Cross   AORH4135
  Illdisposed - The Prestige   LCO654
  Illustrator - Illustrator + Somewhere   RR470
  Impera - Age Of Discovery   AORH00163
  Impera - Empire Of Sin   ESM271
  Impera - Pieces Of Eden   ESM259
  Imperium - Beyond The Stars   AORH00169
  Imperium - Dreamhunter   AORH00130
  Incertain - Rats In Palaces   PJM10773
  Incrave - Dead End   AORH860
  Infinity Overture - Kingdom Of Utopia   LMC270
  Infinity Overture - Kingdom Of Utopia Special Edition   LMC273
  Infinity Overture - The Infinite Overture Pt 1   LMC296
  Inglorious - II   FRCD782
  Inglorious - II Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD782
  Inglorious - Inglorious   FRCD720
  Innerwish - Innerwish   AORH3553
  Innfight - Black Dog   PJM11206
  Innfight - Boulevard Of Pain   INF001
  Into Eternity - Dead Or Dreaming   RS09766
  Intuitive - Reset   MRR041
  Ion Vein - Reigning Memories   NTHEN48
  Iron Bridge Band - Against The Grain   NEH129
  Iron Bridge Band - Road Not Taken   NEH111
  Iron Mask - Hordes Of The Brave Ltd Ed   LMC328
  Iron Mask - Revenge Is My Name   LMC2229
  Iron Mask - Shadow Of The Red Baron Ltd Ed   LMC277
  Iron Savior - Titancraft Ltd Ed   AFMD5609
  Issa - Run With The Pack   FRCD857
  I-Ten - Taking A Cold Look   Candy046
  Ivory - Time For Revenge   HOS0810
  Ivory Moon - Human Nature   AORH440
  Izzizzari, Massimo - Unstable Balance   LMC194


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