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  Kaisas - Degitalize   PERR5042
  Kamelot - Haven Deluxe Edition   NPLM10269
  Kansas - Drastic Measures   Candy096
  Kansas - Vinyl Confessions   Candy095
  Kapell, Da Gladas - Spelar Nilsson   LMC159
  Katagory V - Hymns Of Dissension   NR342
  Kataklysm - Heavens Venom   NBA12557B
  Katsionis, Bob - Turn Of My Century   LMC2215
  Kee Of Hearts - Kee Of Hearts   FRCD811
  Keeling, Kelly - Mind Radio   FRCD698
  Keldian - Darkness And Light   PERR5522
  Keldian - Outbound   PERR5122
  Keltner, Lance - Lance Keltner   FRCD534
  Keystone - Runway Queen   Park7331
  Khymera - The Grand Design   FRCD714
  Kick - Memoirs   ESM260
  Kick Axe - Rock The World   Candy339
  Kick Axe - Vices   Candy337
  Kick Axe - Welcome To The club   Candy338
  Kidd Glove - Kidd Glove   ZR1997166
  Killit - Shut It Down   PP0024
  Kimball, Bobby - Mysterious Sessions   PRLE522
  Kimball, Bobby - We're Not In Kansas Any More   AORH3783
  King Company - One For The Road   FRCD748
  King Company - Queen Of Hearts   FRCD878
  King King - Exile And Grace   AORH4066
  King King - Reaching For The Light   MHAT2038
  King Kobra - Ready To Strike   Candy298
  King Kobra - Thrill Of A Lifetime   Candy299
  King Savage - Full Speed Ahead   PERRCOL08
  King's Call - Showdown   PP0055
  Kings Of Broadway - Kings Of Broadway   PJM10629
  Kings Of Modesty - Hell Or Highwater   ESM196
  King's X - Ear Candy   WOU2880
  Kings X - Out Of The Silent Planet   Candy232
  Kiske Somerville - City Of Heroes   FRCD685
  Kiske Somerville - City Of Heroes Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD685
  Kiss - Dynasty   POLY532388
  Kiss - Rock And Roll Over   POLY532380
  Kissin Dynamite - Generation Goodbye   AFMD5779
  Kissin Dynamite - Meglomania Ltd Ed   AORH3102
  Kix - Blow My Fuse   Candy244
  Kix - Cant Stop The Show The Return Of Kix   LDPD500498DVD
  Kix - Midnite Dynamite   Candy243
  Kix - Rock Your Face Off   LDPD8
  Klear - Eyes Wide Open   PP0003
  Knighton, Reggie Band - The Reggie Knighton Band   Candy065
  Knock Out Kane - Rise Of The Electric Joker   AORH3262
  Kratz, Michael - Live Your Life   AORH4154
  Krokus - Hardware   Candy248
  Krokus - Headhunter   Candy250
  Krokus - Metal Rendezvous   Candy247
  Krokus - One Vice At A Time   Candy249
  Krokus - The Blitz   Candy251
  Kryptonite - Kryptonite   FRCD807
  Kuprij, Vitalij - Revenge   AORH1138
  KXM - KXM   RPR011
  KXM - Scatterbrain   RPR022
  Kyng - Burn The Serum   RAZ83497


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