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  Mad Margritt - Love Hate And Deception   PERR5402
  Mad Margritt - Show No Mercy   PERR4212
  Mad Max - Thunder Storm And Passion   STMH268602
  Madmans Lullaby - Sins Of Greed   MRR071
  Madmans Lullaby - Unhinged   KR051
  Magic Kingdom - Savage Requiem Ltd Ed   AFMD5279
  Magness, Clif - Lucky Dog   FRCD875
  Magnum - Escape From The Shadow Garden   STMH266202
  Magnum - Lost On The Road To Eternity   SMHE8448
  Mahogany Rush - Live   Candy325
  Mahogany Rush - Whats Next   Candy326
  Major Instinct - Roots And Wings   AORH00123
  Malice - In The Beginning   Candy256
  Malice - License To Kill   Candy353
  Mallet - Man On Fire   AORH3820
  Mandrake Project - Miraculous Container   BR021
  Manimal - Trapped In The Shadows   AORH3475
  Manitou - No Signs Of Wisdom   AORH336
  Manticora - 8 Deadly Sins   NR020
  Manticora - Darkness With Tales To Tell   NR021
  Manticora - Hyperion   NR022
  Manticora - Roots Of Eternity   NR023
  Marcello, Kee - Scaling Up   FRCD757
  Marcus - Marcus   Candy314
  Marenna - My Unconditional Faith   PP0002
  Marenna - No Regrets   PERR58053
  Marino, Frank - Juggernaut   Candy328
  Marino, Frank - The Power Of Rock And Roll   Candy327
  Marshall - Pages From The Past Tome 1   FRCD568
  Martin, Eric - Sucker For A Pretty Face   Candy306
  Martin, Eric Band - I'm Only Fooling Myself   Candy037
  Martone - When The Aliens Come   LMC198
  Marx, Richard - Beautiful Goodbye   ZZAN1
  Marys Creek - Infinity   ESM284
  Mary's Creek - Some Kind Of Hate   0681-182
  Masi, Alex - Late Night At Desert Rimrock   LMC188
  Masi, Alex - The Theory Of Everything   LMC290
  Masi, Alex - Vertical Invaders   LMC2206
  Masquerade - In Disguise   NEH20
  Mass - Voices In The Night   AORH4228
  Mass - When 2 Worlds Collide   ESM320
  Massive Wagons - Welcome To The World   OYR030
  Master Castle - The Phoenix   LMC261
  Mastercastle - Dangerous Diamonds   LMC312
  Mastercastle - Last Desire   LMC288
  Mastercastle - Last Desire + 4   LMC313
  Mastercastle - On Fire   LMC337
  Mastercastle - Wine Of Heaven   SRRD321
  Mastermind - Insomnia   LMC279
  Masterplan - Keep Your Dream Alive   AFMD5267
  Masterplan - MKII   CNDL340
  Mastodon - Blood Mountain   RPRW44364
  Matrex - I'll Always Remember   RS004
  Mattsson - Another Dimension   LMC2001
  Mattsson - Dream Child   LMC232
  Mattsson - Power Games   LMC070
  Mattsson - Tango   LMC282
  Mattsson - War   LMC140
  Mattsson, Lars Eric - Electric Voodoo   LMC9101
  Mattsson, Lars Eric - Eternity   LMC2106
  Mattsson, Lars Eric - Obsession   LMC9801
  Mattsson, Lars Eric - Aurora Borealis   LMC300
  Mattsson, Lars Eric - Earthbound   LMC160
  Mattsson, Lars Eric - No Surrender + Live   LMC262
  Mattsson, Lars Eric - Obsession Ltd Ed   LMC322
  Maverick - Big Red   AORH3674
  Maverick - Cold Star Dancer   MPR058
  Maverick - Firebird   BAD180302
  May Day - May Day   Candy288
  May Day - Revenge   Candy289
  Maychild - Maychild   ZR1997138
  MCM - 1900 Hard Times   LMC220
  McPherson, Michael - Don't Look Back   ORE001
  Meadows, Punky - Fallen Angel   ESM292
  Mean Streak - Blind Faith   AORH3931
  Mecca - The Demos   MRR068
  Mehida - Blood & Water   AORH489
  Meisel, Hubi - EM Ocean   LMC085
  Meisel, Hubi - Kailash   LMC165
  Mekong Delta - Intersections   STMH260222
  Melidian - Lost In The Wild   Candy084
  Melodine - Out Of Your Hands   ATZ02013
  Melodramus - Two : Green Apple   55052
  Memoira - Memoira   NR432
  Mendenhall, Dave - The Lost Years   55002
  Mendoza, Marco - Viva La Rock   MYMC252
  Mercury Fang - Ignition   RRCD034
  Messiahs Kiss - Get Your Bulls Out Ltd Ed   SOFO874
  Metal Church - Classic Live   RPR023
  Metal Church - Generation Nothing   RPR008
  Metal Church - XI   RPR019
  Metallica - Hardwired To Self Destruct   BKRGND031D
  Midnite City - Midnite City   AORH00157
  Midnite Sky - Blood Sweat And A Little More   AORH1945A
  Miles Above - Further   ESM092
  Miles, Jay - 9 Hours   0681-127
  Millennial Reign - Carry The Fire   ULRE31
  Millennial Reign - The Great Divide   ULRE38
  Millions, The - Million Dollar Rock   ZR199790
  Mindfeels - Xxenty   AORH4117
  Minds Eye - Waiting For The Tide   LMC181
  Mindset 7 - Blur   MM00033
  Mindsplit - Charmed Human Art Of Significance   LMC292
  Miosis - Albedo Abduction   LMC254
  Misdemeanor - High Crimes And Misdemeanor   RTCD002
  Miseration - Your Demons Their Angels   RRCD030
  Miss Behavior - Last Woman Standing   AORH00114
  Miss Behaviour - Double Agent   AORH00101
  Miss Behaviour - Ghost Play   AORH00137
  Missing Tide - Follow The Dreamer   LMC272
  Mister Kite - Box Of Fear   LMC090
  Mitic, Borislav - The Absolute   LMC275
  Modes, The - Legacy Collection 80-86   GB1010
  Molly Hatchet - Beatin The Odds   Candy036
  Moms Rocket - Red   ZR1997174
  Money - First Investment   Candy029
  Money, Eddie - Can't Hold Back   Candy252
  Money, Eddie - Eddie Money   Candy172
  Money, Eddie - Life For The Taking   Candy173
  Money, Eddie - No Control   Candy175
  Money, Eddie - Playing For Keeps   Candy174
  Money, Eddie - Where's The Party   Candy253
  Montrose - Jump On It   Candy280
  Montrose - Montrose   Candy062
  Montrose - Montrose   WB3106
  Montrose - Paper Money   Candy278
  Montrose - Warner Bros. Presents   Candy279
  Montrose, Ronnie - 10 x 10   RHI557775
  Mood Groove - Mood Groove   ESM317
  Moonland - Moonland   FRCD664
  Moonlight Circus - Madness In Mask   PERR4862
  Moonlight Comedy - Dorothy   LMC199
  Moonlight Comedy - The Life Inside   LMC116
  Moonshine - Moonshine   PERR4892
  Moor, The - Year Of The Hunger   LMC334
  Moore, Pamela - Resurrect Me   RPR010
  Moratti, Rob - Transcendent   ESM293
  Moratti, Rob - Tribute To Journey   ESM274
  More - Blood And Thunder   Candy110
  More - Warhead   Candy112
  Moritz - About Time Too   AORH3996
  Morningstar - Morningstar   Candy300
  Morningstar - Venus   Candy301
  Morse, Neal - ?   AORH1080
  Mother Road - Drive   AORH00096
  Mothers Finest - Iron Age   Candy324
  Mothers Finest - Mothers Finest   Candy032
  Motor City Mayhem - Shitfaced And Outta Luck   MPR066
  Motorhead - Bad Magic   UDRA60774
  Motorhead - Stage Fright - DVD   STMH239928DVD
  Mott - Drive On   Candy245
  Mott - Shouting And Pointing   Candy246
  Moxy - 40 Years And Still Riding High   PERR5082
  Moxy - 40 Years And Still Riding High   ESM276
  Moxy - Live In Toronto   PERR5092
  Mr Big - Defying Gravity   FRCD805
  Mr Big - Defying Gravity Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD805
  Mr Big - Live From Milan 2CD+BluRay   FRCDBR872
  Mr Big - Raw Like Sushi II + Not One Night   WOU395
  Mr Big - The Stories We Could Tell   FRCD661
  Mr Mister - Go On   Candy271
  Mr Mister - Welcome To The Real World   Candy270
  Mr. Rubik - Wasted Paradise   AORH3896
  MSG - Spirit On A Mission Deluxe Edition   AORH3265
  Mullane, Jon - shift   ESM214
  Munkes, Rolf - No More Obscurity   LMC2005
  Munroe, Ronny - Electric Wake   RPR012
  Munroe, Ronny - Lords Of The Edge   RPR003
  Munroe, Ronny - The Fire Within   RPR005
  Murder Of My Sweet - Beth Out Of Hell   FRCD699
  Murder Of My Sweet, The - Echoes Of The Aftermath   FRCD769
  Myles, Alannah - Alannah Myles   Candy354
  Mystery Bloom - Lifetime In The Heart   LMC2220
  Mystery Hall - The Voyager Through The Void   LMC138


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