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  Radiation Romeos - Radiation Romeos   FRCD797
  Radio Silence - Whose Skin Are You Under Now   ESM192
  Radioactive - IV   ESM275
  Radioux City - Soul Survivor   ABR019
  Ragdoll - Back To Zero   AORH3581
  Ragdoll - Rewound   PP0010
  Rage - Nice N Dirty   Candy261
  Rage - Out Of Control   Candy260
  Rage - Run For The Night   Candy262
  Rage Of Angels - The Devils New Tricks   ESM285
  Raging Slab - Raging Slab   Candy056
  Rah Band - The Definitive Collection Ltd Ed   YR1062
  Rain Or Shine - Seize The Night   PP0059
  Raintimes - Raintimes   FRCD834
  Ram - Death   AORH1092
  Ram Jam - Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram   Candy012
  Random Damage - Human Flytrap Ltd Ed   CD6009
  Ransom - Better Days   NL10093
  Ra's Dawn - Scales Of Judgement   AORH1161
  Raspberry Park - At Second Glance   AORH3419
  Raspberry Park - Scratchin The Surface   AORH3007
  Rated X - Rated X   FRCD647
  Ratt - Dancing Under Cover   Candy213
  Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy   Candy281
  Ratt - Out Of The Cellar   Candy212
  Ratt - Reach For The Sky   Candy282
  Raven - Extermination   STMH267962
  Raveneye - Nova   FRCD753
  Raymond, Brett - Only Love   AORH1557
  Reach - The Great Divine   ASUH1059
  RebelHot - RebelHot   MPR023
  Reckless - Reckless + 3   Candy031
  Reckless Love - InVader   NEH126
  Red Dragon Cartel - Red Dragon Cartel   FRCD631
  Red Mourning - Under Punishments Tree   BAD180201
  Red Raven - Chapter One The Principles   AORH3191
  Red Rock Roosters - Altitude Is Everything   NEH032
  Red Sky Mary - River Child   CVDR300446
  Redemption - The Art Of Loss   MTB154412
  Redhouse - One More Squeeze   IMT5044196
  Redrum - Victims Of Our Circumstances   MB001
  RedS'coll - Press Hard   AORH3389
  Reece, David - Compromise   AORH00088
  Reed, Dan - Confessions   AORH4039
  Reed, Dan - Transmission   AORH00113
  Reed, Dan Network - Anthology   AORH3233
  Reed, Dan Network - Fight Another Day   FRCD737
  Refuge - Solitary Men   FRCD869
  Regulus - Quadralith   IMT5044197
  Rembrandts, The - Lost Together   ATZ02009
  Renegade - Too Hard To Die   AND016
  REO Speedwagon - Good Trouble   Candy208
  REO Speedwagon - Nine Lives   Candy177
  REO Speedwagon - Wheels Are Turnin   Candy209
  REO Speedwagon - You Can Tune A Piano But You Cant Tuna Fish   Candy176
  Resistance - Lies In Black   LMC141
  Resistance - Patents Of Control   LMC217
  Resistance, The - Coup De Grace   ERMU210572
  Resurrection Kings - Resurrection Kings   FRCD717
  Retrograde - This Frequency We Share   ATZ02035
  Revertigo - Revertigo   FRCD846
  Revolution Saints - Light In The Dark   FRCD820
  Revolution Saints - Light In The Dark Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD820
  Revolution Saints - Revolution Saints   FRCD680
  Revolution Saints - Revolution Saints Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD680
  Rexoria - Queen Of Light   AORH4121
  Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands   NL2004
  Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings Of Steel   AFMD4652
  Rhapsody Sweden - Strange Vibrations   0681-118
  Rhino Bucket - Get Used To It   Candy284
  Rhino Bucket - Rhino Bucket   Candy283
  Rhino Bucket - The Last Real Rock N Roll   ACET7053
  Rian - Out Of Darkness   MRR062
  Riddlemaster - Bring The Magik Down   MPR039
  Ride The Sky - New Protection   NBA11874B
  Rigoni, Alberto - Bassorama   PJM10216
  Rigoni, Alberto - Something Different   LMC227
  Ring Of Fire - Battle Of Leningrad   FRCD632
  Riot - Fire Down Under   Candy371
  Riot - Narita   Candy001
  Riot Act - What Is Real   NEH022
  Riot V - Armor Of Light   NBA43652
  Riverdogs - California   FRCD803
  Riverdogs - Riverdogs   Candy263
  Roadfever - Wolf Pack   AOA059
  Roadmaster - Fortress   Candy149
  Roadmaster - Hey World   Candy148
  Roadmaster - Sweet Music   Candy147
  Roberts, David - Better Late Than Never   AOA028
  Rocha - Unum   AORH3935
  Rock Alliance - Rock Alliance   PERR5472
  Rock Guy, That - Nothin To Lose   AORH00151
  Rock Wolves - Rock Wolves   STMH270762
  Rock, Andy - This Time   AORH3816
  Rockett Love - Grab The Rocket   AORH00149
  Romeo Riot - Sing It Loud   KR060
  Romeos Daughter - Delectable   Candy097
  Romeos Daughter - Romeos Daughter   Candy030
  Romeo's Dead - It's All Your Fault   FLR007
  Room77 - At Home   NL10086
  Ross The Boss - By Blood Sworn   AFMD624
  Roth Brock Project - RBP   FRCD761
  Roth, Uli Jon, A Tribute To - Beyond Inspiration   LMC078
  Rough Cutt - Anthology   CLE2316
  Rough Cutt - Rough Cutt   Candy292
  Rough Cutt - Wants You!   Candy293
  Rough Silk - A New Beginning   AORH1539
  Rox Diamond - Let The Music Do The Talkin   PP0060
  Royal Hunt - 2016 Live BluRay   FRBR793
  Royal Hunt - 2016 Live 2CD+DVD   FRCDVD793
  Royal Hunt - A Life To Die For CD+DVD   FRCDVD628
  Royal Hunt - Best Of Box Set   FRCDVD582
  Royal Hunt - Cargo   FRCD726
  Royal Hunt - Devils Dozen   FRCD702
  RTZ - Return To Zero   Candy291
  Rubicion Cross - Rubicon Cross   AORH3045
  Rude, Dave Band - The Key   RPR009
  Rumours, The - Hot Bang   KR062
  Running Wild - Rapid Foray   STMH267392
  Running Wild - Resiliant Ltd Ed   STMH260890
  Rush - A Show Of Hands   MRYB000613809DVD
  Rush - Exit Stage Left   MRYB000602709DVD
  Rush - Grace Under Pressure   MRYB000613709DVD
  Rush - R30 DVD   0114310829
  Rush Of Ushers - Delightfully   ATZ02014
  Rust N Rage - Tales From The Wasteland   MRR081


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