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  S.A.Y. - Orion   MRR028
  S.E.X. Department - Rock N Roll Suicide   PERR2152
  Sabaton - Carolus Rex   NBA128272
  Sabaton - Heroes   NBA3224
  Sabre - Roar To The Core   MAJCD061
  Sabu - Between The Light   ZR1997181
  Sabu - Sabu + 1   ZR1997176
  Sabu, Paul - Bangkok Rules   ZR1997155
  Sabu, Paul - Call Of The Wild   ZR1997149
  Sabu, Paul - Heartbreak   ZR1997158
  Sabu, Paul - In Dreams   ZR1997162
  Sacred Heart - Shake   NEH059
  Saddleback Shark - The Killing System   RJ001
  Saffire - For The Greater Good   AORH00124
  Saga - Pleasure And The Pain   ERMU210390
  Sahara Rain - Eternity   NEH093
  Sahona, Charlie - Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos   LMC280
  Saidian - Evercircle   BISR25
  Saint Deamon - Pandeamonium   FRCD413
  Saints Of Rebellion - New American Dream   AORH3133
  Saker - Saker   RR485
  Salem, Freddie & The Wildcats - Cat Dance   Candy165
  Sandness - Like An Addiction   PERR4662
  Sandra Dee - Visions Of Pain   ER00017
  Sange Main Machine - By Your Side   PERR4552
  Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz   SPEF713907
  Sapphire Eyes - Sapphire Eyes   AOA047
  Saracen - Marilyn   ESM230
  Saracen - Redemption   ESM268
  Satan - Life Sentence   LISB205
  Satellite, Billy - II   AORH00131
  Satyrian - Eternitas   LMC168
  Satyrian - The Dark Gift   LMC193
  Savage - 7 + Live N Lethal   AORH3444
  Savage - Loose N Lethal   KRECD22
  Savage Circus - Of Doom And Death   AORH1921
  Saxon - Battering Ram   UDRA60331
  Saxon - Sacrifice   UDR359002
  Saxon - Sacrifice Ltd Ed   UDR358992
  Saylor, David A. - Built To Fight   AORH3341
  Saylor, David A. - City Of Angels   AORH1188
  Saylor, David A. - Ship To Nowhere   ABR016
  Saylor, David A. - Strength Of One   AORH3046
  Scandal - Warrior   Candy224
  Scapegoat - Goddog Of Prey   RS31250032
  Scar For Life - Worlds Entwined   ESM267
  Scavanger - Between The Devil And The Sea   PERR4022
  Scelerata - Darkness And Light   0681-184
  Scelerata - Skeletons Domination   NR412
  Schon, Neal - So U   FRCD634
  Schon, Neal - The Calling   FRCD517
  Schubert In Rock - Schubert In Rock   AORH1898
  Schultz, Achim - Bye Bye George Harrison   NL10031
  Scintilla Project, The - Hybrid   UDRA62403
  Sciuto, Tony - Island Nights   AORH870
  Scorpion Child - Scorpion Child   NBA30722
  Scorpions - Humanity Hour US   NDOB000977702
  Scorpions - MTV Unplugged In Athens   IMT10305470
  Scorpions - MTV Unplugged In Athens DVD   IMT1118079DVD
  Scorpions - Return To Forever   IMT2830215
  Scorpions - Return To Forever Deluxe Edition   IMT5010021
  Scorpions - Unbreakable   MTM003
  Scott, Jef - Ten Stories   YR201343
  Scream In Eden - Original Sin   ZR1997133
  Scream Maker - Livin In The Past   PERR4802
  Scudiero - Walking Through Mirrors   ZR199711
  Sea Hags - Sea Hags   Candy026
  Sebastien - Dark Chambers Of Deja Vu   PJM10049
  Sebastien - Tears Of White Roses   ESM219
  Secret - The End Of The Road   MRR022
  Secret Smile - Hurry Up And Wait   MM000560
  Secret Smile - The Road Less Traveled   MM00037
  Secret Smile - This Is Our Time Now   MM1006
  Section A - Parallel Lives   LMC166
  Section A - Sacrifice   LMC285
  Section A - The Seventh Sign   LMC072
  Section A - The Seventh Sign Ltd Ed   LMC330
  Sedona - Golden Valley   AOA011
  Sembello, Michael - Boss Nova Hotel   WOU3920
  Sembello, Michael - The Lost Years   FRCD155
  Sergeant Steel - Riders Of The Worm   CD6190
  Serious Black - As Daylight Breaks Ltd Ed   AFMD5179
  Serpentine - Circle Of Knives   AORH00115
  Serpentine - Living And Dying In High Defintion   AORH00063
  Serpentine Sky - Serpentine Sky   MRR038
  Serum - See Through My Eyes   KDC14079
  Seven - 7   ESM265
  Seven Days Lost - Good Day To Die   PERR87794
  Seven Hard Years - No Place In Heaven   AORH3091
  Seven Hours Later - It's About Time   MM00039
  Seven Witches - Rebirth   FRBT131
  Seventh Key - I Will Survive   FRCD623
  Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape   LMC295
  Sex And Patriotism - To Die For   NR033
  Sfogli, Marco - Theres Hope   LMC228
  Sgt Roxx - Weapon Of Mass Distraction   ER00009
  Shades And Peters - Let The Record Spin   TGDT1430
  Shadowdance - Future Negative Fantasy   PERR5012
  Shadowkeep - Chaos   NL2008
  Shadowkeep - Corruption Within   NL2010
  Shadowman - Watching Over You   ESM224
  Shadowqueen - Dont Tell   AORH1591
  Shadowside - Dare To Dream   NL10091
  Shadrane - Temporal   LMC245
  Shake City - Shake City   ER00005
  Shakin Street - Shakin Street   Candy219
  Shakra - High Noon   AFMD5459
  Shakra - Powerplay   AFMD4412
  Shakra - Powerplay Ltd Ed   AORH1508
  Shanghai - Bombs Away   MM00022
  Shannon - Circus Of Lost Souls   MBM001
  Shaw, Tommy - Ambition   Candy195
  Shenaniganz - Four Finger Fist Fight   NL10048
  Sheriff - Sheriff   Candy126
  Sherwood, Billy - Citizen   FRCD710
  Sherwood, Billy - Divided By One   AORH3514
  Shift - Creating A Monster   NR029
  Shinedown - Amaryllis   ATL528523
  Shineth - 11 Of 10   NEH045
  Shiraz Lane - For Crying Out Loud   FRCD728
  Shiva - Desert Dreams   0681-89
  Shiva - Shiva   ZR199777
  Shiva - The Curse Of The Gift   NL10020
  Shogun - 31 Days   PERR1231
  Shogun - Shogun   PERR1230
  Shotgun - Live Down Decadencia Drive   LW047
  Shotgun Messiah - Second Coming   DIVE078
  Shotgun Messiah - Shotgun Messiah   DIVE077
  Shotgun Symphony - Forget The Rain   NEH21
  Shout - In Your Face + It Wont Be Long   RETR8930
  ShowBiz - Enjoy The Ride   MRR044
  Shy - Shy   ESM232
  Shy - Unfinished Business   ZR1997157
  Sick Trigger - The Stand   FRS004
  Sideburn - Electrify   AORH00089
  Sideburn - Gasoline   AORH1650
  Sideburn - IV Monument   PERR4272
  Silent Call - Greed   ESM206
  Silent Force - Walk The Earth   LCO327
  Silent Forces - Rising From The Ashes   AFMD2352
  Silent Forces - Rising From The Ashes Ltd Ed   AORH1899
  Silent Rage - Still Alive   ZR199771
  Silver Horses - Silver Horses   7H2042
  Simanic, Slav - Let It Go & Water Of Life   FRCD122
  Simonz, Kelly - Silent Scream   LMC2207
  Simonz, Kelly - The Rule Of Right   LMC2235
  Simonz, Kelly, Blind Faith - Sign Of The Times   LMC2208
  SIN - Equilibrium   AORH666
  SIN - Somewhere Into Nowhere   0681-80
  Sin City - Th13teen   AORH1592A
  Sin Sound - From The Underground   PERR4592
  Sinner - A Touch Of Sin Vol. 2   AFMD4552
  Sinner - Mask Of Sanity   0681-180
  Sinopoli - The Eyes Never Lie   GR005
  Siren On The Moon - 11:11   NEH115
  Sister Sin - Black Lotus   VCR7122
  Sister Sin - Now And Forever   VCR6692
  Sisters Doll - Welcome To The Dollhouse   NEH107
  Six Minute Century - Time Capsules   NR362
  Sixx A.M. - Prayers For The Damned   EVSV1692
  Sixx AM - Modern Vintage   EVSV152
  Skansis - Leaving You   ESM225
  Skid Row - 40 Seasons The Best Of   RHI125244
  Skin - Skin   Candy118
  Skin N Bones - Speak Easy   MM00038
  Skintrade - Refueled   AORH00093
  Skintrade - Scarred For Life   AORH00117
  Skyscraper - Elevation   GD001
  Slash - Slash   DKHY31433
  Slaughter - Fear No Evil   SS003
  Slaughter, Mark - Reflections In A Rear View Mirror   ESM277
  Slave Raider - Take The World By Storm   DIVE079
  Slave Raider - What Do You Know About Rock N Roll   DIVE080
  Slave To The System - Slave To The System   AORH174
  Slayer - Christ Illusion   WB44300
  Sleazy Roxxx - Dangerous Obsession   PERR5032
  Sleekstain - Hard   PERR4872
  Slik Toxik - Irrelevant   PERR5152
  Sloman, John - Dark Matter   MAJCD007
  Small, Lee - Jamaica Inn   ESM235
  Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse   Candy130
  Smeer - Loud And Clear   LMC101
  Snake - Strike   NR034
  Snake Eyes Seven - 13 Crows   MM1013
  Snake Skin Prison - 9 Kinds Of Bad   PERR2922
  Snakecharmer - Snakecharmer   FRCD583
  Snakegod - Invitation   1704-9
  Snakeryder - Back For The Kill   ZR1997117
  Snakeryder - DOA   MM00044
  Snow - Snow   ZR1997130
  Snowblind - Democracy   MAJCD065
  Soeterboek, The Cotton Band - Twisted   NL10059
  Sojourn - Lookin For More   55051
  Soleil Moon - On The Way To Everything   FRCD562A
  Sometimes X - Zero 2 Hero   CR0004
  Sonata Arctica - Pariahs Child   NBA3216
  Sonata Artica - Reckoning + Unia   NBA3204
  Sonic Station - Sonic Station   FRCD544
  Sonic X - Sonic X   ZR1997110
  SORA - Demented Honour   0681-157
  Soto - Divak   ERMU210908
  Soto, Jeff Scott - Damage Control   FRCD545
  Soto, Jeff Scott - Damage Control Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD545
  Soto, Jeff Scott - Prism   FRCD129
  Soul Doctor - For A Fistful Of Dollars   FRCD266
  Soul Seeker - Soul Seeker   MMCS004
  Soul Seller - Back To Life   AOA033
  Soulbender - Soulbender II   RPR014
  Soulspell - Labyrinth Of Truths   AORH514
  Sound Of Eternity - Visions And Dreams   MRR021
  Space Elevator - Space Elevator   SECD1
  Sparklands - Tomocyclus   AOA053
  Speaking To Stones - Elements   LMC333
  Speaking To Stones - Speaking To Stones   LMC189
  Spearfish - Affected By Time   RH011
  Speedway Blvd - Speedway Blvd   Candy206
  Spencer Bullock - Games Of The Heart   55001
  Sphere Of Souls - From The Ashes   LMC171
  Spiral Fetish - What Ever Happened To Fun   NEH127
  Spiro, Mark - Its A Beautiful Life   AORH00069
  Spiro, Mark - King Of Crows   ATZ02008
  Springfield, Rick - Living In Oz   Candy040
  Springfield, Rick - Rock Of Life   Candy228
  Springfield, Rick - Rocket Science   FRCD722
  Springfield, Rick - Songs For The End Of The World   FRCD576
  Springfield, Rick - Stripped Down   LDPD17
  Springfield, Rick - Tao   Candy041
  Springfield, Rick - Working Class Dog   Candy227
  Spys - Behind Enemy Lines   Candy160
  Spys - Spys   Candy159
  Squier, Billy - Tale Of The Tape   Candy008
  St. James - American Man   MM00027
  St. Warren - Return To Honest Planet   FNA011
  St. Warren - Rock Of Eden   FNA010
  Stala And So. - Play Another Round   ESM251
  Stala And So. - Stala & So   ESM280
  Stamina - Perseverance   PERR4952
  Stampede - A Sudden Impulse   Candyman004
  Stampede - Hurricane Town   Candy011
  Stanley, Michael - Ride   ITBM208
  Stanley, Michael - The Job   CMVT209
  Stanley, Michael - You Can't Fight Fashion   CMVT112
  Star Chase - The New Day   MRR043
  Star Gazery - Stars Aligned   AORH3227
  Star Queen - Faithbringer   LMC2228
  Star Queen - Your True Self   LMC102
  Starcastle - Citadel   Candy051
  Starcastle - Fountains Of Light   Candy090
  Starcastle - Starcastle   Candy089
  Stardrive - Stardrive   WOU3047
  Starfire - The Way I Am   NEH108
  Stargazer - The Genesis Of The Prophecy   HOS0915
  Starrats - Rebelution   PERR1742
  State Cows - The Second One   AOA052
  State Of Mind - Memory Lane   0681-97
  State Of Salazar - All The Way   FRCD656
  Status Minor - Dialog   LMC267
  Status Minor - Ouroboros   LMC321
  Steel Panther - All You Can Eat   OPEM1
  Steel Panther - Feel The Steel   RPBLB001284902
  Steele - Tricks Up My Sleeve   ZR1997147
  Stellar Revival - Love Lust And Bad Company   PP0009
  Stepson - Stepson   HRCandy002
  Stereolith - Stereolith   ATZ02042
  Stevens, Steve - Atomic Playboy   Candy210
  Stiletto - Spin   RS007
  Stone Lake - Reincarnation   AORH1060
  Stone Lake - Uncharted Souls   AORH833
  Stone Lake - World Entry   AORH293
  Stone Machine - 10 Stones   PP0005
  Stoneflower - Destination Anywhere   AORH3203
  Stonefuze - Stonefuze   RRCD038
  Stonelake - Monolith   AORH1579
  Storm - Storm   Candy017
  Storm - Storm II   Candy019
  Stormlord - Mare Nostrum   LCO636
  Stormwitch - Season Of The Witch Ltd Ed   SOFO888A
  Straight Wired - Color My World   KR024
  Stramonio - Mother Invention   FRCD120
  Stramonio - Time Will Tell   FRCD567
  Strand, The - The Strand   Candy102
  Strangeways - Native Sons + 2   Candy100
  Strangeways - Strangeways   MAJCD069
  Strangeways - Strangeways + 5   Candy098
  Strangeways - Walk In The Fire + 4   Candy099
  Stratovarius - Eternal   ERMU210551
  Stratovarius - Nemesis   EGVS250992
  Stratovarius - Polaris   EGLR25031
  Stratus - Throwing Shapes   KRECD21
  Street Talk - Restoration   0681-54
  Street Talk - Restoration   AORH3395
  Street Talk - V   AORH3397
  Streetheart - Dancing With Danger   Candy158
  Streetheart - Drugstore Dancer   Candy157
  Streets - 1st   Candy201
  Streets - Crimes In Mind   Candy202
  Strike - We're Back   AORH1931
  Strike Twice - Strike Twice   ER00008
  Strings 24 - Strings 24   LMC259
  Stryper - Fallen   FRCD706
  Stryper - Live CD+DVD   FRCDVD659
  Stryper - Murder By Pride - US   BGTH36868
  Stryper - No More Hell To Pay   FRCD622
  Stryper - No More Hell To Pay Del Ed   FRCDVD622
  Stryper - Second Coming   FRCD591
  Stryper - The Covering   BGTH37500
  Stump, Joe - Virtuostic Vendetta   LMC260
  Stygma IV - The Human Twilight Zone   RS31250072
  Styx - Big Bang Theory   UMGB000441402
  Styx - Crystal Ball   AM3218
  Styx - Lady/Best Of   BMGS44700
  Styx - One With Everything   FRCD311
  Styx - Regeneration   EGLR20249
  Styx - Rockers   UMGB000073802
  Styx - Yesterday And Today   BMGS45720
  Submission - Code Of Conspiracy   BR023
  Summer, Joey - Even The Saints Are Sinners   PERR4602
  Summer, Joey - One Bite From Paradise   PERR3872
  Summers - 364   AORH1625
  Summit, The - Higher Ground   PJM10025
  Sun Caged - Artemisia   LMC200
  Sun Caged - Sun Caged   LMC076
  Sun Caged - The Lotus Effect   LMC302
  Suns Of Stone - Suns Of Stone   AORH1932
  Sunstorm - Edge Of Tomorrow   FRCD732
  Sunstrike - Ready To Strike   AORH00133
  Sunstrike - Rock Your World   AORH00095A
  Supertramp - Some Things Never Change   OXG90002
  Supremacy - Leaders   AORH3398
  Sure Conviction - The Best Of Sure Conviction   NEH095
  Survivor - Caught In The Game   Candy087
  Survivor - Premonition   Candy082
  Survivor - Survivor   Candy081
  Survivor - Too Hot To Sleep   Candy094
  Survivor - Vital Signs   Candy088
  Survivor - When Seconds Count   Candy093
  Sweet And Lynch - Only To Rise   FRCD675
  Sweet Comfort Band - Breakin The Ice Ltd Ed   RETR7888
  Sweet Comfort Band - Cutting Edge Ltd Ed   RETR7889
  Sweet Comfort Band - Hearts Of Fire Ltd Ed   RETR7891
  Sweet Comfort Band - Hold On Tight Ltd Ed   RETR7890
  Sweet Savage - Regeneration   Candyman003
  Sweet Sybil - Sweet Sybil   ER00014
  Swirl 360 - California Blur   ATZ02030
  Switchblade Scarlett - White Line Fever   RR007
  Swords - The Reason Why   HOS0920


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