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  Taboo Voodoo - Something's Cookin'   LMC2234
  Tabor, Ty - Alien Beans   RPR603071
  Tainted Nation - On The Outside   PJM10179
  Talon - Fourplay   ESM273
  Tamplin, Ken - An Axe To Grind + Soul Survivor   RETR8931
  Tane Cain - Tane Cain   Candy287
  Tangier - Four Winds   Candy218
  Tango Down - Bulletproof   KR057
  Tango Down - Charming Devil   KR052
  Tank - Valley Of Tears   MMND1511
  Tarantula - Spiral Of Fear   PERR4095
  Taraxacum - Rainmaker   0681-78
  Taraxacum - Spirit Of Freedom   1704-3
  Target - Captured   Candy310
  Target - In Range   ESM309
  Target - Target   Candy309
  Taz Taylor Band - Pressure And Time   ESM304
  Tearabyte - Doom Generation   LCO553
  Tearabyte - Embrace Oblivion   LCO554
  Tears Of Anger - In The Shadows   LMC169
  Teaze - One Night Stands   Candy060
  Tempesta - Fulltime Joker   AORH702
  Tempestt - Bring Em On   AORH768
  Tempt - Runaway   Candyman005
  Ten - Gothica   FRCD802
  Ten - Isla De Muerta   RTP003
  Tequila Sunrise - Danger Zone   PERR5442
  Terrarosa - Terrarosa   ZR1997111
  Tesla - Mechanical Resonance Live   FRCD739
  Tesla - Simplicity   FRCD649
  Tesla - Simplicity   TESL700019
  Theander Expression - Wonderful Anticipation   AORH00128
  Theocracy - Ghost Ship   ULRE36
  Thermal, Billy - Billy Thermal   AORH3858
  Thick Richard - Back On Track   RR405
  Third Eye - Recipe For Disaster   ESM209
  Third Voice - Reflections   RS09938
  Thomas, Ian - Glider   Candy198
  Thomas, Ian - The Runner   Candy199
  Thomsen - Unbroken   AORH3138
  Thorpe, Billy - East Of Edens Gate   Candy189
  Threshold - For The Journey   AORH3139
  Threshold - Legends Of The Shires Ltd Ed   AORH4014
  Throbs, The - The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds   Candy027
  Thunder - 20 Years And Out Box Set   AORH620
  Thunder - All You Can Eat   ERMU210083
  Thunder - Rip It Up   IMT3517308
  Thunderstone - Apocalypse Again   AFMD5809
  Tick 60 - Clipped   NEH084
  Tina Turner, A Tribute To - What's Love   NL10028
  Tipton, Glenn - Baptizm Of Fire   RHI73333
  Tisi, Arti - Back Again   MRR058
  Tisi, Arti - New York City   MRR057
  Tisi, Arti - The Reeperbahn   MRR059
  Tiura, Jari - King Of Lions   AORH00164
  TKO - Below The Belt   Candy318
  TKO - In Your Face   Candy317
  TKO - Let It Roll   DIVE002
  TKO - Let It Roll   Candy316
  TNT - XIII   FRCD868
  Toi, The - Water Into Wine   AORH3424
  ToJa - Train Of Life   AOA003
  Tokyo Motor Fist - Tokyo Motor Fist   FRCD775
  Tolle, Christian Project - The Real Thing   AORH176
  Tommorows Eve - Mirror Of Creation 2   LMC186
  Tomorrows Eve - Mirror Of Creation III   DRMU370
  Tomorrows Eve - Tales From Serpentia   LMC246
  Tomorrows Eve - The Tower   LMC208
  Toseland - Cradle The Rage   AORH3587
  Toseland - Renegade   AORH3003
  Toto - 40 Trips Around The Sun   SNYL546991
  Toto - Fahrenheit   Candy276
  Toto - Falling In Between Live DVD PAL   AORH9097
  Toto - Hydra   Candy222
  Toto - Isolation   Candy275
  Toto - IV   Candy274
  Toto - The Seventh One   Candy277
  Toto - Toto   Candy221
  Toto - Turn Back   Candy223
  Toto - XIV   FRCD682
  Toto - XIV Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD682E
  Touch - Touch   Candy039
  Tourist - The Relevance Of Motion   0681-174
  Toxic Rose - Total Tranquility   AORH3597
  Toxsin - Illusion   0681-21
  Train, Jane - Diary   PP0037
  Tramp, Mike - Cobblestone Streets   CLE293
  Tramp, Mike - Maybe Tomorrow   TGDT1701
  Tramp, Mike - More To Life Than This   AORH659
  Trance - The Loser Strikes Back   AORH3874
  Transcendence - The Meridian Project   LMC2212
  Trapeze - Hotwire   Candy264
  Trapeze - Trapeze   Candy265
  Travers & Appice - It Takes A Lot Of Balls   AORH283
  Travers And Appice - Bazooka   AORH66
  Travers, Pat - Can Do   FRCD608
  Travers, Pat Band - Live At The Irydium NYC   FRCD677
  Treat - Captured Live BluRay   FRBR786
  Treat - Captured Live CD+DVD   FRCDVD786
  Treatment, The - Generation Me   FRCD723
  Tribal Tongue - One More Shot   NEH055
  Tribuzy - Execution Live Reunion   0681-183
  Trick Or Treat - Rabbits Hill Pt 2   FRCD744
  Trigger - Trigger   Candy058
  Trillion - Clear Approach   Candy045
  Trillion - Trillion   Candy067
  Trillium - Tectonic   FRCD866
  Trixie - Shelter   MM00063
  Trixter - Human Era   FRCD691
  Truth Of Fiction - Truth Of Fiction   LMC2213
  Turner, Joe Lynn - The Sessions   DDLI450
  Twenty Dark Seven - Momentum   MPR032
  Twentydarkseven - Roar   AORH3164
  Twinspirits - Legacy   LMC298
  Twinspirits - The Forbidden City   LMC268
  Twinspirits - The Music That Will Heal The World   LMC210
  Twintera - Lines   PERR4572
  Two Of A Kind - Rise   FRCD877
  TXS - Transmission X   ESM185
  Tygers Of Pan Tang - Tygers Of Pan Tang   PMZ200CD
  Tyketto - Dont Come Easy   Candy295
  Tyketto - Live From Milan 2017 BluRay   FRBR819
  Tyketto - Live From Milan 2017 Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD819
  Tyketto - Reach   FRCD756
  Tyla/Dregen - The Poet & The Dragon Live   RTCD011
  Tytan - Justice Served   AORH3941


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