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  V, The - Now Or Never   FRCD697
  Vagh - Into The Future Zone   PERR1002
  Val, The - Heading To The Surface   AORH3230
  Valensia - The Blue Album   ESM099
  Valentine - Valentine   Candy352
  Van Arx - Stand Together For Rock And Roll   PERR5492
  Van Canto - A Storm To Come   NPLM324
  Van Der Loo, Rob Freak Neils Inc. - Characters   LMC156
  Van Wilks - Bombay Tears   Candy319
  Van Zant - Van Zant   AORH751
  Van Zant, Johnny - Round Two   Candy138
  Van Zant, Johnny - The Last Of The Wild Ones   Candy139
  Van Zant, Johnny Band - No More Dirty Deals   Candy023
  Vanden Plas - Neverworld   FRCD709
  Vanden Plas - The Seraphic Live Works CD+DVD   FRCDVD792
  Vandenberg - Alibi   Candy229
  Vandenberg - Heading For A Storm   Candy197
  Vandenberg - Vandenberg Euro   Candy105
  Vandenberg's Moonkings - MKII   MAOT75382
  Vandenberg's Moonkings - Moonkings Ltd Ed   AORH1956A
  Vandroya - One   MBM002
  Vanishing Point - Tangled In Dream   NL2006
  Vanity Blvd - Wicked Temptation   COL09
  Vardis - Red Eye   STMH269642
  Vargton Project - Progxprimetal   LMC307
  Various Artists - Bikers Paradise   NL231637
  Various Artists - Deep Cuts And Rarities   RPR603101
  Various Artists - Embrace The Sun   LMC303
  Various Artists - Help For Japan   AOA040
  Various Artists - Rock n Roll Outlaws And The Sunset Strip Vol 1   ER00023
  Vega - Only Human   FRCD865
  Vega - Who We Are   FRCD735
  Vejlyt, Niels - SThenIC   LMC308
  Vendetta - World Under Fire   LMC319
  Vengeance - Same Same But Different   AORH648
  Venturia - Dawn Of A New Era   LMC332
  Venturia - Hybrid   LMC242
  Vescera - Beyond The Fight   AORH3906
  Viana - Viana   AORH3883
  Vicious Circle - Vicious Circle   NR013
  Vicious Rumors - Vicious Rumors   Candy267
  VII Gates - In Hoc Signo Vinces   LMC249
  Viljanen, Elias - Leadstar   LMC146
  Viljanen, Elias - Taking The Lead   LMC2223
  Viljanen, Elias - Taking The Lead CD+DVD   LMC306
  Vincent, Phil - Secrets   NEH13
  Vindictiv - Cage Of Infinity   ESM252
  Violent Divine - Violent Divine   CR0010
  Virginia Wolf - Push   Candy070
  Virginia Wolf - Virginia Wolf   Candy069
  Viron - Ferrum Gravis   AORH767
  Viron - The Complete Worxx   MPR016
  Virus - Sick Of Lies   LMC137
  Vision Divine - The 25th Hour   SEM40139B
  Viva - Apocalypse   NL10053
  Viva - Dealers Of The Night   NL10088
  Vivaldi Metal Project - The Four Seasons   PJM10193
  Voices Of Extreme - Mach III Complete   ZR000205
  Vollmer - When Pigs Fly   PERR5322
  Von Baltzer - Cultural Daze   AORH00170
  Voodoma - Gotland   PJM10728
  Voodoo Circle - Raised On Rock   AFMD0603
  Voodoo Hill - Waterfall   FRCD707


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