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  W.A.N.T.E.D. - Gods Best Sinners   PERR5182
  W.A.N.T.E.D. - Meat N Greed   PERR4702
  W.A.S.P. - Golgotha   NPLM10330
  W.E.T. - Earthrage   FRCD850
  Waite, John - Ignition   Candy009
  Wake The Nations - Sign Of Heart   IMT5009258
  Waken Eyes - Exodus   AORH3456
  Walk On Fire - Mind Over Matter   ESM302
  Walsh, Steve - Black Butterfly   ESM311
  Walsh, Steve - Shadowman   MWR001
  Walsh, Steve - Steve Walsh   Candy077
  Warrant - Born Again DVD   CLE1695
  Warrant - Born Again DVD - PAL format   0681-185
  Warrant - Cherry Pie   Candy344
  Warrant - Dirty Rotten Stinking Filthy Rich   Candy343
  Warrant - Louder Harder Faster   FRCD794
  Warwick, Ricky - When Patsy Cline Was Crazy + Hearts On Trees   NBA3648
  Waste Lagoon - Shadow Chaser   RS09939
  Watchmen - Nowhere To Hide   ZR1997188
  Waterclime - Imaginative   LMC218
  Waterclime - Waterclime   LMC164
  Wayward Sons - The Ghosts Of Things To Come   FRCD810
  Webster, Max - High Class In Borrowed Shoes   Candy107
  Webster, Max - Max Webster   Candy106
  Webster, Max - Mutiny Up My Sleeve   Candy108
  Welz, Bernhard - Stay Tuned 1.5   AORH3742
  Westpoint - Face To The Sea   AORH3520
  Wetton Downes - Icon Acoustic TV Performance DVD   FRDVD012
  White Lion - Anthology 83-89   CLE2163
  White Lion - Big Game   Candy269
  White Lion - Fight To Survive   Candy233
  White Lion - Pride   Candy268
  White Sister - White Sister   Candy207
  White Skull - The XIII Skull   FRCD188
  White Widdow - Crossfire   AORH00107
  White Widdow - Silhouette   AORH00142
  White Wolf - Live In Gemany   ESM169
  White, Doogie And La Paz - Shut Up And Rawk   MMND1530
  White, Michael - Michael White   Candy350
  Whitecross & Guardian - Revival   RRCD1400
  Whitesnake - Forevermore   FTTR105092B
  Whitesnake - Forevermore CD + DVD   FTTR105094
  Whitesnake - Live in 84 Back To The Bone CD+DVD   FRCDVD669
  Whitesnake - Live In 84 Back to The Bone DVD   FRDVD038
  Whitesnake - Live In The Still Of The Night - DVD   HIPPB000617950DVD
  Whitesnake - Made In Japan   FRDVD033
  Whitesnake - Made In Japan Blu-Ray   FRBD598
  Whitesnake - The Purple Album   FRCD683
  Whitesnake - The Purple Album Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD683E
  Who, The - Wire And Glass   UNIP1702801
  Wicked Sensation - Adrenaline Rush   AORH00108
  Wickman Road - After The Rain   AORH00135
  Wigilius - Tabula Rasa   AORH00126
  Wild Dogs - Reign Of Terror   DIVE093
  Wild Frontier - Alive 25 CD+DVD   NEH124
  Wild Horses - Stand Your Ground   Candy169
  Wild Horses - Wild Horses   Candy168
  Wild Rose - Half Past Midnight   PP0057
  Wild Souls - Game Of Love   PP0040
  Wildness - Wildness   AORH00159
  Willycranes - Gone Fighting   LMC668
  Wilson, Damien And Adam Wakeman - The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour   BL411338
  Winchester Club - Negative Liberty   AFMD52
  Windsor Drive - Windsor Drive   AORH00112
  Winery Dogs, The - Hot Streak   LDPD25
  Winger - Better Days Comin   FRCD642
  Winger - Better Days Comin Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD642
  Winger - In The Heart Of The Young   Candy258
  Winger - Winger   Candy257
  Winter Parade - Midnight In Paradise   0681-51
  Winterkill - Taming The Wolves   1704-6
  Winterlong - Longing For Winter   LMC236
  Winterlong - Metal/Technology   LMC161
  Winterlong - Winterlong   LMC126
  Winter's Bane - Redivivus   AORH935
  Winters Reign - The Mine Album   AORH4152
  Wireless - No Static   Candy137
  Wireless - Positively Human Relatively Sane   Candy136
  Wishbone Ash - 30th Anniversary Concert   EGVS19008DVD
  Wishbone Ash - The Power Of Eternity   SNTU86451
  Wishdoctor   NEH033
  Wishing Well - Rat Race   AORH4181
  Withem - The Unforgiving Road   FRCD736
  Within Silence - Gallery Of Life   ULRE27
  Wizard - Odin   NL2003
  Wizard's Hymn - Hymnal   MAJCD089
  Wolff, Jessica - Grounded   MPR049
  Wolfheart - Winterborn   SPEF703650
  Wolfpakk - Wolves Reign   AFMD6232
  Wolters, Joop - Out Of Order   LMC207
  Wolters, Joop - Speed Traffic And Guitar Accidents   LMC113
  Wolverine - The Window Purpose   RS09875
  Wonderworld - II   PP0031
  Work Of Art - Framework   FRCD662
  World Trade - Unify   FRCD808
  Worlds Apart - Clean Slate   PERR2252
  Wrathchild - Stakkattakktwo   PERR3842
  Wrathchild America - Climbin The Walls   Candy294
  Wright, Gary - The Dream Weaver   Candy348
  Wright, Gary - The Light Of Smiles   Candy349


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