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  Y&T - Contagious   GESP224142
  Y&T - Earthshaker   BMM00006
  Y&T - Facemelter   FRCD462
  Y&T - Incorrect Species   BMM00007
  Y&T - Live At The Mystic   FRCD581
  Y&T - Open Fire + 2   MAJCDSP053
  Y&T - Open Fire Live   MAJCD053
  Yes - Fly From Here   FRCD520
  Yes - Fly From Here CD+DVD   FRCDVD520
  Yes - Friends And Relatives   CLEO0337
  Yes - Heaven And Earth   FRCD651
  Yes - In The Present Live In Lyon 2CD+DVD   FRCDVD537
  Yes - Like It Is 2CD+DVD   FRCDVD672
  Yes - Like It Is Blu-Ray DVD   FRBR672
  Yes - Like It Is Live At The Mesa Arts Center BluRay DVD   FRBR690
  Yes - Like It Is Live At The Mesa Arts Center Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD690
  YOSO - Elements   FRCD466
  Young Blood - No Retreat   ER00021
  Young, Paul - Chronicles   ESM223
  Young, Powell - Flying Fingers   LMC2036


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