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DIAMOND HEAD - Diamond Head

European Import : AORH3572

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Rasmus Bom Andersen (vocals)
Brian Tatler (guitar)
Andy Abberley (guitar)
Eddie Moohan (bass)
Karl Wilcox (drums)
Produced by: Diamond Head
Engineered by: Adam Beddow
Mixed by : Dave Nicholls, Adam Beddow
Mastered by: John Davis
Influential and iconic heavy metal band, Diamond Head, offer their first album of new material in eight years. Entitled DIAMOND HEAD, the album features an exciting new talent in singer Rasmus Bom Andersen. In 2014 Diamond Head invited London based, Danish-born Ras to join the band. Together they completed a European tour, which included appearances at Hard Rock Hell and Head Bangers Open Air in Germany. The spark of creativity led the band to start working on the new album in January 2015. In general the album lyrics focus on political and environmental themes, specifically warning that our world is in many ways leaning towards self-destruction. The opening and closing songs encapsulate these themes, while the body of the album explores subtopics in more depth, along with songs dealing with lighter subjects that aren't so heavy on the heart.
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