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DIAMOND DOGS - Quitters And Complainers

European Import : LW042

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Sulo Karlsson (vocals)
Duke Of Honk
Lars Karlsson
Morgan Korsmoe
Johannes Nordell
Ida Long
Martin Tronsson
Rasmus Diamant
Produced by: Christian Barros, Kettil Medelius, Duke Of Honk
Engineered by: Petter Diamant
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Thomas Eberger
Diamond Dogs, the Swedish band formed in 1992, are back with their 10th full length album. The release also includes a 70 minute long bonus live disc 'Let's Have It - Live in Bilbao'. Diamond Dogs have over the years delivered countless hard rockin' shows worldwide, they have also been on tour sharing stage with The Nazareth, Ian Hunter, The Damned, Hanoi Rocks, The Cult, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Quireboys, Dan Baird, among others. .The band embark on a full tour of Spain including a festival show with Iggy Pop. 'Quitters & Complainers' could easily be Diamond Dogs finest release to date. Classic good time Rock n' Roll.
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