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DRAGONFORCE - Ultra Beatdown Ltd Ed

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Clive Nolan (keyboards, backing vocals)
Herman Li (guitar, backing vocals)
Sam Totman (guitar, backing vocals)
Vadim Pruzhanov (keyboards, backing vocals)
ZP Theart (vocals)
Frederic Leclercq (bass)
Dave Mackintosh (drums)
Produced by: Sam Totman, Herman Li, Karl Groom
Engineered by: Herman Li, Karl Groom
Mixed by : Sam Totman, Herman Li, Karl Groom
Mastered by: Mika Jussila
The surprising sales of the Dragonforce's third album, Inhuman Rampage, laid a foundation for its much anticipated follow-up, 2008's Ultra Beatdown, which, among other things, will face immediate accusations of repeating its predecessor's winning formula. However, Dragonforce's guitar shredding and extreme metal intensity alone qualify as rather radical innovations. Ultra Beatdown also introduces several new elements into the Dragonforce sound -- for example more abundant, subsonic tempos. The band shows greater dynamic range than usual, arguably earning some definitive "progressive" metal credentials once and for all, beyond the sheer extended lengths of the songs. All of the above is still couched within the band's general extreme power metal template, complete with tireless drummer Dave Mackintosh and bass player Frédéric Leclercq, who remains mostly invisible throughout. Power metal may not be the most inventive musical style on the planet, but Dragonforce are making it more exciting than anyone else has for quite some time.
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