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MECCA "Mecca"

European Import : Frontiers Records - FRCD110

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Joe Vana (vocals)
Fergie Frederiksen (vocals)
Mike Aquino (guitar)
David Hungate (bass)
Shannon Forest (drums)
Jimmy Nichols (keyboards)
David Hungate (bass)
Produced by: Jim Peterik and Larry Millas
Engineered by: Larry Millas
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Mecca inspires images of super-groups like Toto, Survivor and Foreigner, yet only borrows from their magic to spin its own brand of melodic rock. All 10 songs come from a collaboration between Mecca and Jim Peterik, whose incredible writing talent powered a string of hit songs for Survivor, 38 Special, Sammy Hagar and many more. Mecca has brought the energy, to drive diamond hard rockers and feel to create lush power ballads, all with the texture that, until now, only those super-groups could provide. Mecca was the brainchild of vocalist Joe Vana, who cut his chops with Jim Peterik's World Stage. Joe enlisted the talents of former Toto and LeRoux front-man Fergie Fredriksen and World Stage/Daniel Grove Band guitarist Mike Aquino. Fergie's cutting style balanced Joe's melodic ballads and Mike's guitars must be heard to be believed. Together, the three form Mecca, but the talent enlisted to round out the effort can only be described as incredible ! Mecca sought out and got the best. David Hungate, bassist and founding member of Toto. Shannon Forest, whose drumming styles are in the same bloodlines as those of the great Jeff Porcaro's. A keyboard tapestry was woven by Nashville's best, Jimmy Nichols. Production was driven by Jim Peterik and engineer/producer Larry Millas, who's best known for his work with Survivor, Billy Idol and Bruce Hornsby. Together they created a sonic treasure which is undoubtedly Mecca's self titled debut. Mecca spans the decades of rock music with a sound that is fresh, yet very familiar !
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