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NEH Records is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the state of Colorado, USA. NEH Records was formed in 1997 by its two principal owners at that time – Bobby Barth and Michael McPherson.  Bobby Barth has a long history in the music industry as a touring and recording artist, session musician and producer. Michael McPherson is a musician and recording artist and provides finance, marketing and business management expertise to the company. Originally formed as a music production business, the company built a recording studio in Denver, Colorado that produced many Melodic Rock, Southern Rock and Acoustic Rock releases from 1997 – 2002. Many leading Melodic Rock bands such as Axe, Jaded Heart, Caught In The Act (CITA) and Guild Of Ages recorded numerous records at the NEH Records Studio during this time period. The company also designed the NEH Records web site which went online in September of 1997 and began to stock and sell CDs from a wide variety of domestic and international sources.

McPherson and Barth in NEH Studios, Denver Colorado : 2000

In 2001, the company restructured and Bobby Barth moved to New Orleans, Louisiana and began touring with the Southern Rock band “Blackfoot”. Bobby operates a recording studio in New Orleans and continues playing as a solo act and with several bands, including Axe. McPherson assumed majority ownership of the import, wholesale and retail distribution business including full ownership of the NEH Records web site. Michael’s wife Jeanette became a full partner serving as Chief Operating Officer. Barth and McPherson are close friends and continue to collaborate on a number of musical projects although each now operates their own companies independent of the other.

The primary business of NEH Records now is the importation of CDs, DVDs and other merchandise from record companies all over the world which are then sold online to an international customer base. The online music store provides complete information about each recording including cover art, production information, band biography, musician information and audio samples for every song on every album. Our pricing and customer service is unmatched in the industry. We now ship to customers in more than 80 countries around the world and have established ourselves as the largest single music store specializing in Melodic Rock within North & South America. We currently carry thousands of titles in our extensive catalog and maintain stock on all items – shipping within one business day after receipt of order. An ever expanding supply chain, extensive inventory and personalized service are the trademarks of NEH Records LLC. Our worldwide presence enables NEH Records to serve as a strong promotional entity for the Melodic Rock genre raising the level of recognition for this music and the artists that create it.

NEH Records Order Processing Center – Niwot, Colorado : 2012

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