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1994 – Please Stand By


1994 :
Karen Lawrence (vocals, keyboards)
Rick Armand (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Bill Rhodes (bass, guitar)
Terry Linvill (bass)
John Desautels (drums)

Produced by: Eddie Leonetti, Jack Douglas 
Engineered by: Lee DeCarlo, Ed Thacker
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: Andy Pearce, Matt Wortham

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FRONTED BY the charismatic Karen Lawrence, 1994: were one, in a long list, of those great North American hard rock bands that time and fame overlooked. Signed, in a blaze of publicity, to the mighty A&M label, with their debut album produced by seventies studio wizard Jack ‘Aerosmith’ Douglas, and hailed as the next big thing, the band failed to make the commercial impact all had hoped for. They did however win enough consumer and label support to be sent back to the studio for a follow up album, ‘Please Stand By’. This, their sophomore album, was released in 1979, Geoff Barton, then writing for Sounds magazine, and now, of course, Editor At Large of Classic Rock, made no secret of his love for 1994’s music and the charms of Karen Lawrence, going so far as to acclaim them as a veritable cracker box of explosive guitar based rock topped off by a stellar performance from one of the best (female) vocalists of the era; a deadly yet cool combination of Heart and Aerosmith. ‘Please Stand By’ produced by Eddie Leonetti (Angel, Legs Diamond) and Jack Douglas lavished with fervent praise, attracting rave reviews both at home and abroad. Too bad then that there was a failure to capitalise on this interest, which left the band high and dry with no hope of making any headway. It was a pity indeed but at least we have the music to cherish. First time on CD, this Special Collector’s Edition includes 4 bonus tracks and has been remastered with sound shaped from 24 but digital via POW-r technology by Jon Astley (the Who, Eric Clapton, Judas Priest). It is packaged with a 12 page full colour booklet including original and enhanced artwork with new photos and a 4,000 Word Essay by Paul Suter and new interview with Karen Lawrence.

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