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286 – 286

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Adam Joad (vocals)
Martin Verry (guitar)
Nikee Verry (bass)
Pete Pace (drums)
Produced by: 286
Engineered by: Nikee Verry, Martin Verry
Mixed by : Nikee Verry, Martin Verry
Mastered by: Jim Monroe

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In your face party rock in roll and heavy riffage! IT WASN’T A FLUKE! When this ½ Argentine ½ American Rock band burst on the scene a year a ½ ago with their 5 song “Profiled” EP, the reviews were outstanding but the big question was whether or not they could pull off a full length. Well, not only did they pull it off, they did it in a big way. For this one, the guys rerecorded the 5 song EP and added 5 more tracks to create what they simply call *286!* Self-proclaiming to produce straight forward in your face rock music the way they think it should be done, the song choices are a mix of speedy southern rock tinged kickers with mid tempo anthems that give you a little something different on each track.

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