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88 Crash – Fight Wicket Pences

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1. Have A Take
2. Nevada
3. On Your Side
4. I’m Fine
5. Take
6. Am I Paranoid
7. Sweet Home Alabama
8. Endure
9. Be Like Me
10. Go Away
11. Trailer Trash
12. Dead Wrong

13. Dairy Cow Rebellion

88 Crash:
Stu Saddoris (vocals)
Lino Alessio (guitar, keyboards)
Rex Dart (bass)
Josh Kaiser (drums)
 Produced by : Jim Crichten and Larry SaltisEngineered by : Shay Baby and Bruce Bouillet

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Lino Alessio (Ohio, USA), brillant student of history, student of neurosurgery, and classical guitarist, founded the formation 88 CRASH together with exorbitant graphics designer Stu Saddoris of Oklahoma. Two slightly weird extroverts, plus drums and bass, a mixture of anger, pain, social criticism, and a pretty deranged world view – put this all together, and you end up with 88 CRASH! Loud, mean, saucy and dramatic! In a far away part of San Fernando Valley near LA, they entered a studio to put their ideas on tape. The absolutely unique cover version of the southern states classic “Sweet Home Alabama” shows you the weirdest side of this band. Who else would have the guts? In 1998, 88 CRASH played on a couple of open air festivals in Germany. During this tour, numerous fans and the press were able to check out the live band qualities of these wild Americans. Musical influences? Well, LIMP BIZKIT, PAPA ROACH, KORN … PETULA CLARK! “Fight Wicket Pences”, that’s the title of their new album – whatever that means.

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