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Achard, Cyril Trio – Trace CD + DVD

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Click song title to play  TRACK LISTING – CD:
1. L’ inexistence:
2. Arabesque
3. Aguas Marinhas
4. Un Songe
5. La Javanaise
1. Solar
2. Dissidence
3. L’ inexistence:
4. Inner Urge
5. Aguas Marinhas




Cyril Achard (guitar)
Fred Pasqua (drums)
Lilian Bencini (bass)




Produced by: tbd


Engineered by: tbd


Mixed by : tbd


Mastered by: tbd

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The critically acclaimed French jazz trio led by guitarist Cyril Achard see the release of their new CD/DVD double pack “Trace” on January 27th 2008 through Lion Music. The CD side of the pack sees the trio in acoustic guise whilst the DVD has some electric moments. On the release Cyril Achard comments, “My goal was to make a live recording with less takes as possible, we recorded the audio CD just by playing each song two times maximum and no overdubs were done. I wanted something very fresh and natural. I also wanted to have a “Trace” of this band I’ve been playing with for long time. It’s more about interaction between musicians than my previous works, there is more freedom, the themes are shorter maybe easier for the audience and it’s a very accessible listen”. On how the trio works together Cyril states, “I write the melody, the chords, and think about the basic arrangements, they bring their personality, their great playing, it affects the aesthetic of the songs”.

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