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Ailafar – Heartbeat

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Elisabeth Mari (vocals)
John Tzortzis (guitar)
Kostas Mauroudis (bass)
Vangellis Valis Papageorgiou (keyboards)
Fotis Kanistras (drums)

Produced by: John tzortzis

Engineered by: Stratos Karagiannidis

Mixed by : Stratos Karagiannidis

Mastered by: George Markousis

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The new album "Heartbeat" includes 12 new songs and new collaborations. It features the wonderful vocals of Elisabeth Mari who is a long time live member and also guest vocals from Steve Overland of FM band! Also it features guest vocals from Dean Mess of W.A.N.T.ED band, Kelly Blake of Jailcat and Constantine Maris (Brother of Elisabeth) of Forbidden sin band. It was recorded in Valve studios and enginnered by Strutter of W.A.N.T.E.D and GUS G, band! Ailafar was founded in late 2006 by John Tzortzis to perform his material. After some changes to the line up and few bar/club gigs they recorded the first demo in May 2009. In September 2009 the recordings of the first full album ” Long way to imagery” began. It was finished in August 2011 with the help of several session musicians and new band members. The project album is self released and includes 12 songs written/arranged and produced by J.T, plus an extra song recorded in 2012. With a new line up the band played several bar/club gigs in Thessaloniki including a couple TV appearences and radio shows. Within a break of a year in 2013 the recordings of the second album started in May. It was finished in February 2015 and released by AorBlvdRecords. It includes 13 songs and guest vocal appearences from Stephan Kammerer( Frontline, Stereotide Germany) , Paul Jackson( Roadhouse- Pete Willis band, UK ) and David Saylor( Push UK, Wild rose UK). It also includes vocals by Tatiana Economou, Alexandra Mcay, Olga Katsenidou, Elisabeth Mari. The album is written/arranged and produced by J.T .Mitch Malloy did the mastering of the album. It received many good reviews and airplay from around the world. It was featured twice in a year in Powerplay magazine in UK. In May of 2016 the recordings of the 3rd full album started and they were finished in May of 2017. The band continiues to play electric and acoustic shows. It has also supported acts like Eric Martin of MR’Big and Uli Jon Roth.
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