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American Rebel Soul – American Rebel Soul

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David Kubicek (vocals, guitar)
Sean Quidgeon (guitar, backing vocals)
Jimmie Earls (bass, backing vocals)
Dawn Kubicek (vocals)
Jay Winslow (drums)

Produced by: American Rebel Soul

Engineered by: Jamie Hillyer

Mixed by : Shane Lloyd

Mastered by: Shane Lloyd

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With their original groove-oriented, old-school melodic blues rock, American Rebel Soul is a new band with a familiar sound, proudly flying the flag for the latest wave of "revival rock". "A lot of people keep asking, ‘Where are all the bands who play melodic blues rock?’ and I tell them we’re right here," says band co-founder and bassist Jimmie Earls. "It’s never gone away, it has simply been pushed to the underground. Look at bands like Black Country Communion, Rival Sons, The Answer, and now American Rebel Soul… that sound will never die, we’re simply the next generation. This is not a musical trend, this is where our hearts lie."
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