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Andersson, Daniel – Days In L.A.

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Daniel Andersson (guitar, keyboards, vocals)

Fredrik Lundgren (guitar)

Peter Holmqvist (guitar)
Mikael Sandstrom (guitar)
Stefan Olofsson (keyboards)
Stefan Forsberg (keyboards)
Mikael Emsing (drums)
Paulo Murga (drums)
Per Wretling (trumpet)
Anders Jonsson (trumpet)
Olle Nigeus (saxophone)
Peter Nygren (trombone)


Produced by: Daniel andersson

Engineered by: Peter Heddelin, Daniel Lindforss, Daniel Forsberg, Daniel Andersson, Stefan Olofsson

Mixed by : Daniel Lindforss

Mastered by: Christofer Stannow

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Daniel Andersson is a new name on the Westcoast scene, but the music he represents is mature and true to the classic sound created in California in the late seventies and early eighties. Daniel has been playing music all his life, he started out by learning the guitar and singing has always been a natural thing for him. The interest for music has grown through out the years and the styles have varied, but some influences have always been there, stuff like Toto, Chicago and Airplay! In 2003 he got the opportunity to study in Los Angeles at MI, where he met and recorded with heroes Jason Scheff (Chicago) and Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets). Being in L.A. was a tremendous experience and he got the chance to meet with a lot of great players and producers, including the Airplay duo Jay Graydon and David Foster. Back in Sweden he decided to write and record his own songs in the same style as he grew up listening to, the result is amazing, and if you are a fan of Chicago, Marc Jordan and Steely Dan, well, the be sure to take part of his “Days In L.A.”
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