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Appearance Of Nothing – Wasted Time

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Pat Gerber (vocals, guitar)
Peter Berger (guitar)
Omar Cuna (bass, vocals)
Marc Petralito (keyboards)
Yves Luthi (drums)

Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd

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Swiss band “Appearance of Nothing” was founded by Pat Gerber (Vocals/Guitar) and Yves Lüthi (Drums) back in the 90‘s under the name “No Thanx“. For the first couple of years the band spent its time rehearsing and playing cover songs. After two of the original “No Thanx” members left, the band found a new bass player (Omar Cuna) and a new keyboards player (Marc Petralito). So this was the beginning of “Appearance of Nothing”. From this time on the band began to write their own songs. Unfortunately they didn’t have a singer and after a long search for the right vocalist the decision was made that Pat should take the part of the lead singer! After a couple of concerts and still writing songs the band took a big step forward, for their new album “WASTED TIME“ they engage Markus Teske who worked together with famous bands such as “Vanden Plas“, “Symphony X“ , “Saga“ and The Ladder “Sacred”. Markus Teske was able to create a really powerful yet warm production, which is evident on this CD. The production and lineup changed once more. Appearance of Nothing received an offer from Peter Berger (ex-Daydreamer) to join the band as Lead Guitarist. In addition to that Omar took the part of the second lead vocalist which gives the music a whole new sound. What we have with this band is a very symphonic and highly enjoyable sound that brings together the best elements of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Saga, Vanden Plas. Arrangements are grand and lush with powerful keyboard passages and strutting guitars, all backed with a great rhythm section. “Appearance of Nothing“ hopes to expand their audience with this new album “WASTED TIME“ as well as bring their music to the people in fantastic live performances in 2008.

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