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Ashent – Deconstructive

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Steve Braun (vocals)
Onofrio Falanga (guitar)
Cristiano Bergamo (guitar)
Davide Buso (drums)
Gianpaolo Falanga (bass)
Paolo Torresani (keyboards)




Produced by: Onofrio Falanga, Gianpaolo Falanga, Luigi Stefanini 


Engineered by: Luigi Stefanini 


Mixed by : Luigi Stefanini 


Mastered by: Luigi Stefanini 

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Italian progressive metallers ASHENT deliver their new release “DECONSTRUCTIVE”, a potent refined progressive metal experience with many techno-thrash elements, some melodic death references and gothic atmospheres. Each track has its own distinct style with a potent mix of huge riffs, tempo variation, persuasive harmonies, great melodies and shredding arrangements. Ashent represent the darkest and heaviest side of Progressive Metal, sharing dramatic and intense emotions with the intimacy of an inner journey. The bands goal in the creation of “Deconstructive” followed several paths. The band comments, “The main aim was the necessity to express ourselves as mature songwriters, focusing our energy in the composition of true songs, in order to have not only metal tunes or great instrumental tracks. We spent a lot of time, searching for the right structures, harmony sequences, and vocal’s melodies, trying to forge great songs that are recognizable and full of feelings. With the aim to have a clear personality and the presumption to do something original, without the label of “that famous big band-clone”. “We worked for a definitive removal from the power-metal genre (a process we started on our debut album). We’ve created something that could be defined as metal “tout court” with a lot of prog influences. We chose “different atmospheres”, built on uncommon harmonies and we worked to have mainly a very aggressive sound (seven-string guitars, growling-vocals, extreme drum
approach, and moderate use of keyboards), taking care to be as far as possible from the genre’s clichés instrumentally and lyrically speaking. We also went down some experimental avenues in songs like “How could it feel like this?” and “To develop self-creativity”. It’s not easy to find a spoken prayer recited on a blast-beats tempo or a deeply yearning ballad with an electronic drum pattern mixed with a tribal drumming”. “The final goal boiled down to pushing ourselves as musicians, developing complex and shredding arrangements, but always in function of the song”. “Deconstructive” is comprised of 12 tracks broken down into 9 “4-5 min. songs” with recognizable verses and choruses and 3 instrumental episodes and will be released worldwide on March 20th 2009 by Lion Music, the Finnish label unanimously considered as a leading force within progressive and power metal circles.

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