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Ashent – Flaws Of Elation

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Steve Braun (vocals)
Onofrio Falanga (guitar)
Gianpaolo Falanga (bass)
Davide Buso (drums)
Cristiano Bergamo (guitar)
Paolo Torresani (keyboards)
Max Zhena (vocals)
Jacopo “JC” De Simone (drums)
Thomas Giro (guitar)




Produced by: Onofrio Falanga, Gianpaolo Falanga, Luigi Stefanini 


Engineered by: Luigi Stefanini 


Mixed by : Luigi Stefanini 


Mastered by: Luigi Stefanini 

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Following on f rom the recent success of Inheritance the latest release from Italian progressive metal outfit Ashent, a
timely reissue of the bands long out of print 2006 debut album Flaws Of Elation is now here. In addition this new print comes with all new artwork and the additional bonus of the bands very firstultra rare 2003 4 track demo! Flaws Of Elation is a prog-power experience with some modern technothrash influences which are reflected in the way Ashent arrange and play guitars and drums. There are also some death metal references, in the mode the band use growling as backing vocals that have thei r i mp ort an ce i n t h e e con omy of As he n t ’s sound, wisely mixed with a modern prog at t itude that uses avant -garde and gothic elements in order to create intense and dramat ic music. The atmo sphere i s very dark, but the vocals of American vocal ist Steve Braun are extremel y melodic, supported by some beaut i ful orchestrat ions. Not only does the Flaws Of Elation album mark a ref inement of the bands sound, but also a change in personnel wi th new s inger Steve Braun, drummer Davide Buso and gui tarist Crist iano Bergamo joining the band between the albums creation and the 2003 demos.

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