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Ashes To Ashes – Darker Side

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1. Dead Wrong
2. I Will Make You Mine
3. Death Groove
4. Underground
5. Radio Red
6. Darkside
7. Wetter
8. Bury Me
9. Wear You Out
10. Run Man Run
11. Just Like Love
12. Three Blind Dates

Andrew C. Bell (vocals, guitar)
Ed Beeler (bass, backing vocals)
Dave Campbell (drums, backing vocals)

Produced by: Andrew C Bell and Ashes To Ashes

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Ashes to Ashes are a three piece out of Pittsburgh; USA and they are going to hit you hard with their brand of rock music. They are very polished and professional, and difficult to categorize. Some would say loud rock, some hard pop, it doesn’t really matter as Ashes to Ashes are very active and talented and will have you hooked like a fish. The cornerstone of the band are bassist Ed Beeler and songwriter Andy Bell, the line-up is completed by the addition of Dave Campbell on drums. They have honed their music to solid perfection, combining infectious, catchy hooks with a modern rock sound that have the pop appeal of Cheap Trick and the aggression of Collective Soul. This is high-energy music with mass commercial appeal.

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