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Autograph – Thats The Stuff


Steve Plunkett (vocals, guitar)
Steve Lynch (guitar, keyboards)
Randy Rand (bass)
Steve Isham (keyboards, vocals)
Keni Richards (drums)

Produced by: Autograph, Eddie Delena
Engineered by: Eddie Delena
Mixed by : Dave Wittman 
Mastered by: Steven Marcussen
Digitally Remastered by: Jon Astley

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IT WAS A Cinderella story. Autograph’s debut album ‘Sign In Please’ contained a surprise hit single, the infectious ‘Turn Up The Radio’, whilst a sell out tour supporting Van Halen elevated them into the upper echelons of the eighties hard rock elite. Things were looking more than good. However, when a Stateside tour supporting Mötley Crüe was secured, RCA, their record label, hit the panic button, insisting that in order to keep momentum rocketing the band should get back into the studio and cut a follow up album as quickly as humanly possible. It was inevitable that things began to slide; a rushed choice of producer, a lack of preproduction time and a touring deadline that was looming ever closer. Amazingly, when the album was released its cover had to be changed due to bungled copyright issues. And if that wasn’t enough, in order to combat the appearance of Russian band Avtograf (pronounced Autograph), RCA thought it might be a good idea for Autograph to record a cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s classic ‘We’re An American Band’ adding it to the record half way through the campaign. Under any other circumstance this set of events might have spelled disaster but for Autograph it was just a one more river to cross and one more hurdle to jump. ‘That’s The Stuff’, despite all the pressures baring down on them, was hailed as another solid slice of prime-time American hard rock, big on hooks and crammed with some of the best guitar playing that Steve Lynch ever recorded. Special Limited Deluxe Collector’s Edition. Remastered – Sound shaped from 24 but digital via POW-r technology. 16 page full colour booklet – original and enhanced artwork with memorabilia and 4,000 Word essay & full band involvement

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