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Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow





Timo Kotipelto (vocals)
Jani Liimatainen (guitars)
Jonas Kuhlberg (bass)
Jani Hurula (drums)
Jens Johansson (keyboards


Produced by: Jani Liimatainen


Engineered by: tbd


Mixed by : Matias Kupiainen


Mastered by: Mika Jussilad

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CAIN’S OFFERING is the brainchild of Finnish guitarist/songwriter Jani Liimatainen (founding member of one of Finland’s biggest music exports SONATA ARCTICA). Drawing its musical influence from both the classic Hard Rock scene, the fast-paced European Power Metal and a very modern Heavy Metal sound, CAIN’S OFFERING is, just as expected, another perfect example of today’s living and breathing Finnish music scene. Joining Jani on the band’s sophomore release, coming after 2009’s acclaimed debut “Gather the Faithful”, are STRATOVARIUS members vocalist Timo Kotipelto and keyboardist Jens Johansson, plus Jonas Kuhlberg on bass and Jani “Hurtsi” Hurula (Paul Di’Anno) on drums.“Stormcrow” is a tour-de-force of who’s-who in the Finnish heavy metal scene, and yes, this does sound like a wet dream come through for all fans of melodic Heavy Metal. And guess what – the final result is going to blow you away as this album melts the best of SONATA ARCTICA and STRATOVARIUS in a new, exciting and powerful sound!

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