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Circus Maximus – Havoc In Oslo Deluxe Edition



2. Havoc
3. Pages
4. Abyss
5. I Am
6. Chivalry
7. Game Of Life

1. Forging
2. Namaste
3. The One
4. The Weight
5. Highest Bitter
6. Architect Of Fortune
7. Arrival Of Love
8. Loved Ones
9. Sin
10. Havoc
11. Pages
12. Abyss
13. I Am
14. Chivalry
15. Game Of Life

1. Road To Rockefeller
2. Making Of "Remember"
3. Music Video "Remember"


Michael Eriksen (vocals)
Mats haugen (guitar)
Lasse Finbraten (keyboards)
Glen Mollen (bass)
Truls Haugen (drums)

Produced by: Circus Maximus

Engineered by: tbd

Mixed by : Tommy Hansen

Mastered by: Tommy Hansen

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CIRCUS MAXIMUS releases alive album "Havoc In Oslo", which is available on 2CD/DVD and 2CD/BluRay. On February 6th, 2016, Norwegian prog metallers, Circus Maximus celebrated the release of their fourth studio album, ‘Havoc’ with a sold out show at the Rockefeller in Oslo, with a stunning live production that involved pyro, sparks (literally), and a massive light rig. The band wanted to make this show one of the most memorable performances in Circus Maximus history and then to share this night with the world. So, it was decided to capture the entire night with multiple high definition cameras for a release on both Blu-Ray and DVD as well as an audio component. Ever since the band released "Live In Japan" via YouTube, they have been eager to make a proper live release in a physical format. "Havoc Live in Oslo" is a powerful statement from a band at the top of their game!

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