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Coenen, Marcel – Colour Journey

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Hans Reinders (vocals)Uras Raskovski (guitar)Richard Ritterbeeks (bass)Marcel Coenen (guitar)Hans In T Sandt (drums)Bob Katsionis (keyboards)Menno Corbeek (drums)Spike (drums)Rene Kroon (keyboards)Dennis Schreurs (vocals)Roel Van Heiden (drums)Joyce Dijkgraaf (vocals)Micale Andersson (vocals)Paul Villarreal (vocals)Marice Brouwers (bass)Colleen Gray (vocals, keyboards) 




Produced by: Hans Reinders and Marcel Coenen  


Engineered by: Hans Reinders 


Mixed by : Marcel Coenen and Hans Reinder  


Mastered by: Marcel Coenen and Hans Reinder 


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Colour Journey is the phenomenal second solo album from Sun Caged guitarist Marcel Coenen. Colour Journey will take the listener on a voyage through many musical landscapes that will captivate its audience. Unlike Marcel’s debut solo instrumental album Guitartalk, Colour Journey features a range of vocalist who has each put their own stamp on their respective tracks. Colour Journey is an album to suit many moods and please fans old and new. On the music Marcel comments: The music is very diverse; I tried to make an album which showed my song writing skills more than my guitar playing skills. Colour Journey will delight fans of Marcel’s previous works and introduce the Dutch guitar whiz to a whole new legion of fans.

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