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Cold Chisel – The Perfect Crime

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Jimmy Barnes (vocals)
Ian Moss (guitar, vocals)
Don Walker (keyboards, vocals)
Phil Small (bass, vocals)
Charles Drayton (drums, vocals)

Produced by: Kevin Shirley
Engineered by: Antonio Gauci, JP Fung
Mixed by : Kevin Shirley
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig

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The legendary Cold Chisel announced their new studio album the day that they set out on their national One Night Stand tour. Titled The Perfect Crime and featuring songs drawn from recording sessions across 2014 and 2015, the album is kick-started by the single ‘Lost’. Pioneers of the Australian rock scene, COLD CHISEL are here to prove that they’ve still got it with their new album. The album sees the balance of hearty tunes that are full of driven guitars, and slower songs that feature much more piano and a snappy beat. Although “The Perfect Crime” might not be ‘The Perfect Album’ it does have many redeeming qualities and some finely crafted pub rock that can appeal to everyone. It’s mainly full of impressive lyrics that are elevated to new levels of grit and power by the strong backing vocals. It’s a bit rock, a bit jazz and it’s got some elements you wouldn’t expect from Cold Chisel, but Jimmy Barnes certainly owns it.

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