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Condition Red – Condition Red

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Ella Grussner (vocals, violin)  


Torgny Stjarnfelt (vocals)  


Lars Eric Mattson (guitar, bass, keyboards)  


Alex Masi (guitar)Derek Sherinian (keyboards)Alexander King (keyboards)Esa Pietila (sax)Eddie Slegehammer (drums)Orjan Sjostrom (backing vocals)


Produced by : Lars Eric MattsonEngineered by : tbdMixed by : tbdMastered by : tbd 



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What is Condition Red? How does it sound? The music is very complex with influences from Progressive metal, neoclassical, fusion, blues, jazz, Funk, Eastern … The album contains 8 longer tracks of which 3 are all instrumentals. This is something completely unique without comparison to any other band. While the music is highly structured with compex arrangements and lots of odd meters there is also lots of room for the musicians to jam.

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