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Corley, Chris – Someone 2 Love

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1. Blue
2. Walk Of Love
3. Decorated
4. The Nick Of Time
5. Crazy Moods
6. Kite
7. Buy Me The Moon
8. Your Love
9. Recognize Her
10. Peace Of The Night
11. Little Bit Of Emotion
12. Castles

Chris Corley (all instruments)

Produced by: Chris Corley 
Engineered by: George Young
Mixed by: George Young
Mastered by: Chris Corley

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Guitar World Magazine says “Chris creates fresh, melodic pop music with exciting changes and his guitar solos incorporate incredible blues phrases and exotic scales.” Chris Corley’s new release “Someone 2 Love” is due out very soon on Aeria Records/Song Haus Music. This release offers a breakdown of the tradition walls of current “Pop” music styles, a “hybrid” so to speak of his own style. His songs and production are fresh and unique! He has a way with his intimate, crooning vocal style making you feel like he’s right in the room with you. Here’s what Jake James of the Tri City News says; “Chris has a really nice voice! The songs make you want to move in a hangin’ at-the-beach-on-a-summer-night-kind-of-way. Chris is a kid of many talents and really groovy tunes.” Chris uses ripping-edge computer technology to create his songs. His songwriting and song structures are very organic and melodic with a little psychedelia thrown in. Guitarist Network Magazine says, “I am terribly impressed with the spontaneity, unpredictability and looseness of his music. Chris is a happening player and songwriter with nice bluesy leads and smooth vibrato.” Chris’ music is very contemporary yet has a classic song oriented thing going on as well. Colie Brice of Aeria Records says, “He’s right on the curve of modern pop. His vocals, guitar work and production is flawless. Bottom line is great tunes married to a new sound!” It’s refreshing to say the least listening to Chris tunes. They’re so good, original and his voice is just pure class. Frank Infante the original guitarist in Blondie says “Chris is incredibly talented and I really like his music”. Chris says, “It’s like each song is a painting through which feelings are translated into music. Using as many colors in the emotional palette to create the songs. I love being a music maker!”

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