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Dacia And The WMD – Dacia And The WMD

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Dacia Bridges (vocals)
Alex Scholpp (guitar)
Ralf Botzenhart (bass)
Alex Menichini (drums)

Produced by: Ace
Engineered by: Willi Dammeier
Mixed by : Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen

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In the last few years Dacia Bridges has made a very good name for herself as a singer and composer amongst those who are into guitar-driven rock music. Dacia Bridges became known when she successfully entered the charts with her previous band TAPE and received enthusiastic press and fan feedback. She shared the stage with LIMP BIZKIT, STONE SOUR, DISTURBED, DIE ÄRZTE and rocked the festival classics “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park”. Because of personal reasons she left the band and is now back with her new band DACIA & THE WMD with ex-FARMER BOYS musicians Alex Scholpp and Bassist Ralf Botzenhart. DACIA & THE WMD (Dacia & The Weapons Of Mass Destruction) is the latest project of the multi- talent Dacia Bridges. A Project? It’s more than that! “In DACIA & THE WMD it’s about the influences of all members, to be open to all ideas and create something new combining them.” That’s why “we don’t limit ourselves to just one style”. Now DACIA & THE WMD release their long anticipated, self titled debut album. While the 12 tracks on the album which were produced by ex- Skunk Anansie’s Ace of course gather together under the umbrella term “Rock”, they at the same time are the best example for which numerous varieties are possible under that headline. “Stop And Stare” for example is playing with pop- and electronic elements, staying in your ear with a lot of gain plus punch and at the same time being melodic and groovy. “6” teems with whipping riffs followed by “Sorry”, a half- acoustic ballad with beautifully layered vocals. In between there are always wild rock ’n’ roll rides with tracks like “Rockabilly Bitch” or “Change The World” while “My Reality” will have the masses bouncing. Last but not least Dacia is performing “Losing You” with a special guest whom to call a legend is almost understated: Lemmy Kilmister of MOTÖRHEAD. “The Idea to work with him in a direction like the Nick Cave and Kylie Minougue duet “Where the Wild Roses Grow” I had for a long time” says Bridges. And for a fact, the track evokes some memories (without similarities in the music) combining these two contrary voices- here the soft, empathetic Bridges and the distinctive, smoky edge of Lemmy. Even though this is a debut-album it’s pretty clear that we are not talking about a get together of half- baked beginners. Far from it – Dacia Bridges got a band together that has more experience then some established acts: Guitarist Alex Scholpp and Bassist Ralf Botzenhart can look back on numerous and successful albums followed by world wide tours with their former band FARMER BOYS, drummer Alex Menichini is very well known for his work with STEREOPILOT. And in other respects “Dacia & The WMD” don’t leave anything to chance: For the mix of the album they engaged Tommy Hansen from Denmark who is a real expert in this area with names like HELLOWEEN, D.A.D., TNT, PRETTY MAIDS or HATESPHERE on his reference list.

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