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Dead Heart Beating – New Blood

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1. New Blood
2. 8 Ball
3. Beauty
4. Dragonfire
5. Take This Love
6. Motherlode
7. Evil Twin
8. Miss Fortune
9. Painkiller
10. Soul Freak
11. State Of Blues

David Zychek (guitar, vocals)
Ronny Griffin (drums, backing vocals)
San Davis (guitar, backing vocals)
Johnny Big (bass, backing vocals)

Produced by: David Zychek
Engineered by: David Zychek
Mixed by: David Zychek
Mastered by: David Zychek

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In 1978 David Zychek joined the group AIRBORNE with Beau Hill, destined to be an influential force on 80’s rock music, as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. A co-writer of 5 songs on their debut album on Columbia Records, David Zychek has since been regarded as a highly proficient guitarist and songwriter, embracing technique, technology, and tone, but possessing a soulful approach that was honed by his formative musical years in Texas. ”Blues based rock has always been my first love, musically speaking, and if it wasn’t straight out of Texas from Johnny Winter, Freddy King, or early ZZ Top, then it was the stuff being done by Zeppelin, the Yardbirds, and Cream that shook me up” says Zychek. This is a major musical statement that showcases Zychek doing what he loves the most – combining high energy rock music with just the right amount of Texas blues influence. Think early ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin with a little Aerosmith thrown in for good measure. Though constantly in demand as a studio quitarist, vocalist, engineer, arranger, producer and songwriter, most of the general public aren’t aware of what Zychek has done in between the AIRBORNE days and the current DEAD HEART BEATING project. David had his own band in Texas during the early 80’s called THE GROOVE KINGS, who backed up Bo Diddley on some of his Texas dates. In 1984 when KEN HENSLEY of URIAH HEEP was forming his own band, David was picked for guitar and vocals. In ’87 Zychek was all over Los Angeles as a studio guitarist, doing projects with members of THE STEVE MILLER BAND and EDDIE MONEY. Between the years of ’89 and ’91, David had his own band again, THE ZYCHEK BAND, that recorded with Larry Wallace, engineer with PINK FLOYD. With this collection of Zychek songs, the project was signed to a development deal with BMG, but nothing was ever released. Then in 1994 producer David Prater (FIREHOUSE, DREAM THEATER) called enlisting his help on what was to become “Feeding off the Mojo” by NIGHT RANGER. The band loved David’s arranging and guitar work, so the collaboration turned into a full time job as David was asked to join NIGHT RANGER as guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist. ”Working with Brad Gillis was the highlight of those years and I regard him as the best guitarist I’ve ever worked with” says Zychek. DEAD HEART BEATING isn’t the only project currently taking up David’s time. He and best friend David Prater have just finished up work on the new DIVING FOR PEARLS release, entitled “Texas” on the Atenzia label. David helped arrange most of the material, and contributes guitar, bass and keyboards to the project. “This is surely David Prater’s finest production work to date, something to watch and listen for” says Zychek. “He also helped me immensely when I was in the mixing process of “‘DEAD HEART BEATING”.

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