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Dirty Glory – Mind The Gap

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Jimmi DG (vocals, harmonica, keyboards)
Dee Machado (guitar, backing vocals)
Reichhardt (guitar, backing vocals)
Sas (drums)
Vikki Sparkz (bass, backing vocals)

Produced by: Luis Lopes, Jimmi DG

Engineered by: Luis Lopes

Mixed by : Luis Lopes

Mastered by: Levi Seitz

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DIRTY GLORY is a hard rock band straight out of the 80’s from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The group formed in 2011 and released an EP called "It’s On!", which featured three tracks. Mind The Gap has influences from Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Kiss and Danger Danger, explains the singer Jimmi DG. "Mind The Gap" was recorded at Studio Flapc4 in São Paulo, which has recorded Joe Lynn Turner and among other renowned artists. The new single music video of MTV quality in the 80’s "Sticks And Stones" was already launched on Youtube with great success.
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